What Makes a Good Research Paper

“What makes a good research paper” is a question that should be asked and answered if the person wants to write excellent research papers. This article will help you to find a solution without going into too much detail and spending too much time on things of no value. We will focus on the essential parts of an excellent research paper.

The first things your paper should have are an exact and a strict plan. You should make notes in accordance with your information sources and outline. The paper can’t be written without having a goal which it should reach by the end of the performed research and your point of view cannot be proven without showing the results of relevant experiments and research. Always keep this in mind while working on your research paper.

If you’re using complicated scientific definitions and words – it is necessary to describe them. In order to avoid plagiarism quotation marks should be used every time you’re quoting someone and list of sources should be provided, so that readers could check the relevance and validity of your arguments and supporting material.

Top 10 Life Hacks to Write Better Research Papers

  1. Topic. Choose a topic that you’re interested in. This way you will make sure that you have a high level of motivation during all stages of compiling the paper.
  2. Read only relevant literature. Don’t read everything you can find on the topic – it’s just a waste of time. Read only relevant and valuable literature. 
  3. Look for examples. Look through examples of similar papers, but when doing so, make sure that these examples have received highest marks.
  4. Get a notebook. You will need to draft a copy and to write down the information that is relevant to your research topic – results, sources, quotes, and personal remarks.
  5. Be simple. Don’t use words that you don’t know and avoid difficult structures and sentences.
  6. Stellar introduction. The introductory part can either bore your readers or make them wish to read your paper till the end. Make sure that you make it gripping.
  7. Effective results. Your readers will believe you only if you prove your opinion and support it with reliable facts and solid evidence.
  8. Collaboration. Discuss your ideas, experiments, and suggestions with those who are experienced in the topic that you’re researching. They will definitely help you.
  9. Do it with comfort. Create a relaxed atmosphere and it will help you to perform better.
  10. Use technologies. Use plagiarism-checkers to check your paper and make sure that it has no plagiarized parts.

6 Tips to be More Efficient While Working on Your Research Paper

  1. Read everything with your notebook and a pen by your side.
  2. Don’t highlight because it makes you lazy. Better write everything you see and read in your own words in your notebook.
  3. Don’t waste time on libraries – use Google.
  4. Sleep at least 7 hours a day – your brain needs it to be productive.
  5. Combine teachers’ advice, your thoughts, and thoughts of other people and draw new conclusions time and again.
  6. Ask your professor and other scientists for advice when necessary.
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