Plagiarism check belongs to the VIP services at our custom writing platform. If you have picked this option once, you will have a possibility of getting your texts scanned for plagiarism for free within a year.

Even though we guarantee superior quality of papers, we never guarantee some specific grades since the grading process can be really prejudiced and subjective.

If you are not fully satisfied with the quality of writing your assigned writer provided you with, you are welcome to send a revision request. We have a free revision request option that is viable within 48 hours after the deadline expiration. In other cases and especially if you change initial instructions, you have to place a separate revision order at extra payment.

Please find the order that you liked (in the completed orders section, find the necessary ID), pay attention to the writer’s ID, copy it and insert into the “Preferred Writer” field of the newly placed order. Remember that this service should be paid extra — 15% to the total sum.

Yes, our writers are professional and experienced enough to work even under stressful conditions. It is not a problem for our writers to help you with papers that have even tight deadlines. Note that before placing your urgent order, you should consult with our support agents.

Our company operates round-the-clock. You can address us at any time whether it is day or night.

Undoubtedly, our writers can do that. Just send us your instructions and the part of the paper that you have provided. Our writers will try to finish the paper in the best way possible.

You will be sent a notification when the paper is uploaded by your assigned professional writer to the website. After you log in to your personal cabinet, you will be able to download it.

The price for your paper depends on many criteria. Some of the most essential are the number of pages, the deadline, the complexity level, and the type among others. You can calculate the price via the online calculator or you can contact the customer support team and they will help you find out the price.

Without a doubt. Just visit our website and send a message to the email address of our customer support service, Be sure to attach the instructions so that we could check on them.

When assigning writers to work on your papers, we pick the best experts in your field. You can rest assured that all papers will be written by real experts with relevant qualifications.

If you need to receive your paper earlier, you will have to place a compensation order. As such, the difference in the days when the paper is due will have to be recalculated.

It is an obvious fact that we cannot guarantee you any grades since evaluation of writing assignments can be really subjective. However, we do promise that the paper you get from us will exceed your expectations in terms of content and overall quality. It is worth admitting that our writers, who hold MA and PhD degrees, are real experts in producing papers in various academic fields. Throughout the years of our operation in the industry, we have assisted numerous students with their assignments. You can look through the samples presented on the respective page on our website to ensure that we provide nothing but outstanding papers.

You need to make sure that the type of writing you choose corresponds to the instructions you have got from your professor. In case you cannot properly understand what type you require, turn to our expert customer support team for assistance.

In the process of the order registration, you are supposed to indicate the exact deadline when your paper is due. Therefore, you are bound to expect the paper at around that time. Regarding where you will get it from, you will receive an automatic email with the link to download. As such, you will have to log into your account, go to the “Completed Orders” section and download it from there.

You need to inform either our support team (vie Live Chat/email) or Financial Department (email to about your decision. The bonus credits will be sent to your personal cabinet as soon as your refund application is approved. They can be used to pay for your subsequent orders fully or partially.

Turn to our customer support team for help. First, you will have to make sure that there is a writer who is certainly available at the time your test or exam will take place. Then you can place the order with the assistance of the customer support team.

You might have probably attached some files that exceed the allowed size. In this case, try to send those via email to our customer support team. The agents will then forward the instructions and other materials to your assigned expert. You may also attach them to your order once it placed. You just need to log in to your personal account.

Clients of our service do not have an opportunity to literally talk with their assigned writers. However, they are welcome to use the direct messaging system in order to exchange text messages. For some urgent clarifications, you can rely on our customer support agents.

Prices are not negotiable since we have a strict pricing policy. There is a set of criteria that impact the total price. However, if you want to get your paper at a lower price, you can rely on discounts, special offers, and coupons.

We provide 100% guarantee that your assignment will be sent to you on the stated due date. It does not matter how complicated the paper is and how tight the deadline is, we guarantee timely delivery of papers.

Yes, sure, our company is 100% safe and secure, and we never share or disclose any personal details to the third parties. No one will ever get to know that you have been cooperating with our company.

Our company ensures the highest level of quality of writing. Therefore, authenticity and originality of content is our priority. Each writer working on customers’ assignments conduct the needed research from scratch and they rely on credible sources. Besides, upon paper completion, each paper is scanned via anti-plagiarism program. Note that you will be able to get your texts scanned for plagiarism by PlagiarismSearch once they are delivered to you. Please mind that such software as Turnitin is not used by our company since it tends to remember the checked texts, which means it cannot be used to scan them once more.

If you have got lost with the order types, do not hesitate to contact our customer support representatives: they will look through your instructions and will help you decide on the order type.

Sure, you can do it with the only condition that you will pay a compensation for the difference in the deadlines.

Make sure you are logged in to the system. Click the ID of the paper that has to be extended and click the “Additional Order.” If you cannot understand how to place additional orders on your own, our customer support representatives will help you with that.

Try refreshing the web page. Check if you have filled out all the required fields. If checking on these things did not help you, then most probably the problem lies in attaching too many or too big files. Try to delete them from the order placement form and send then via email. The customer support agent from our company will then forward the files to your writer.

Our company has put forward the policy that a client has to provide the writer with all the necessary materials on his/her own. Whenever some books should be bought, it is the client’s responsibility to do that.

Completed papers are sent out according to the deadlines initially specified by clients. If you have forgotten what deadline you have indicated, go to the order details and find information on the due date in the “Delivery” section.

Orders that have already been finished can be found in clients’ personal cabinets. To download them, you need to go to your orders’ section, click the “Files” tab, and there you are — the file is open for downloading. In case there is no file attached even though the deadline has expired, contact our customer support team and they will help you investigate the issue.

There is a messaging system on the website, so you can write messages directly to your writer. If you cannot log in to your personal cabinet at that moment to message your specialist, you should send your notifications/clarifications to our email. Your writer will be informed by our support representatives to check the message.

On average, from our side, it may take from three to five business days. However, this process does not merely depend on us but also on your bank.

We do recommend all our customers to provide their phone number since it is a chance for us to get in touch with them quickly when there is an urge to do so.

Send an email to our customer support team and attach your instructions. Our customer support representatives can clarify with the Writing Departmentwhether the task can be done successfully.

Please check your inbox for the receipt. As a rule, if your payment turned out successful, you receive an automatic email with the payment receipt — it can actually be a proof of the payment process. You can forward it to our customer support representatives as a proof that you paid. If there is no receipt, then you need to check in your banking account whether the money has been withdrawn. If you see that all money remains in your account, then evidently the payment process did not go through. In this case, you should try another credit card/browser/device or the company that processes payments.

As a rule, our clients encounter this problem when they attach too many files or if their size exceeds the allowed minimum. Try sending the files via email to our company and the customer support agents will forward them to your assigned writer.

In case you get some payment error or failure in authentication, it would be recommended for you to try conducting the payment operation via another browser or by using another banking card. If these pieces of advice do not help you, please do not hesitate and contact the bank or payment company right away.

Our company’s writers can help you out with any complexity of task since they hold Master’s and PhD academic degrees. Besides, you can check in advance whether we have writers who can assist you with writing an assignment on a specific topic by sending your guidelines to us.

The primary duty of ours is to find the best writer for your order as soon as possible. Then, after the writer has been found, we are responsible for providing you with support and excellent customer service 24/7 whenever you have some questions concerning the order placement process. Next, we are responsible for plagiarism, editing, and proofreading check. Last but not the least, our core duty is to deliver papers strictly on time no matter what the deadline or paper complexity is.

When placing a new order with us, you have to choose the “Preferred Writer” option. It means that you will need to insert your preferred writer’s ID in the respective field in the order form and pay additional 15% to the writer if he/she agrees to take that order of yours. This extra payment will go to your expert directly and ensure the highest priority of your assignment.

When you ask your writer to send you the paper earlier, you need to pay additionally and compensate for this change in the deadline. For example, if you have paid for the paper with the deadline of 7 days but you have realized that you need it in 4 days, you have to compensate for 3 days. We will determine the charge, place a compensation order, and send the payment link to you. Once the financial transaction is carried out successfully, you will receive your paper according to the new deadline.

A customer can manually check it by paying attention to the order details in the order description form. Initially, the status of the order is “New.” After we assign a writer to your order, the status changes into “Processing.” As soon as your piece of writing is uploaded to the system, the status changes to “Sent.” Concerning all changes related to your order, you can be notified by text messages if you order the VIP option called “Get SMS notifications.

Editing is one of the extra VIP services that can be added to your order. When you pick this service, i.e. “Get an order proofread by an editor,” you will be sure that your paper is brushed up and carefully checked for grammatical, punctuation, and spelling mistakes among others.

When assigning writers to work on your papers, we carefully study their qualifications and professional background in order to make sure that they meet your requirements.

Sure, you can as our company’s writers thoroughly scan each paper via anti-plagiarism software before delivering it to you. We have an anti-plagiarism policy, which is a demonstration of our adherence to integrity principles.

No, our customers are not limited in the number of revisions. You can send as many as needed and as many as you manage in terms of time.

Yes, all information is stored confidentially, so you should not worry about the personal and contact data that you share with us. Confidentiality is guaranteed both for writers and clients alike. To eradicate any problems with confidentiality, we have set the rule that writers and clients do not know the names and other details about each other.

We cannot oblige our customers to leave us all valid contact details. Nonetheless, we need true contact information in order to be able to get in touch with you whenever we have some questions or notifications for you. Providing your contact details ensures effective communication and cooperation.

When you buy the supreme writing package, you do not have the right to choose a specific writer — you are just guaranteed that one of top 30 writers on our team will be assigned to work on your order. However, if this option does not suit you and you want to choose a specific writer who has already written papers for you, then you need to separately purchase the “Preferred Writer” option. Our Writing Department will do their best to assign the needed specialists as soon as possible. Note that you will receive a plagiarism report from us.

We send papers via the system. As soon as your assigned writer uploads it, you will be able to find the document in your profile in the “Files” section. We only send email notifications that have a link to download.

We have a strict company’s policy when it comes to order delivery, which means that we deliver papers specifically according to the set deadline. However, if you need your paper earlier, do not hesitate and contact our customer support representatives. They will help you change the deadline and place a compensation order.

We do not deal with payments directly, especially if there are some issues connected with banking or money transfer. However, we can suggest that you use another browser or credit card for payment.

All papers completed and uploaded by our writers can be found by customers in the “Files” section in their personal profiles. To download the file, you need to find the needed order ID and click the “Files” tab.

In the majority of cases, clients cannot successfully register their orders because the website does not load due to the exceeding size of the attached files. If you have tried to upload a lot of them with the order registration form, instead try to send them via email to our customer support agents. Theywillforward those materials to your assigned academic writer. Please remember to indicate the ID of your assignment in the title of your email.

You will get your paper approximately on your deadline expiration. When you register your paper online, you fill in the form where you indicate the deadline. Remember that the countdown starts not when you have filled in the field but when you have verified the payment.

When you find the ID of the needed order and then take a look at the order details, you will see the order status description. The details stated there can provide you with information on your order. When the status is “Payment Verification,” it means that the payment has not been confirmed by you or that we have not received it yet. When it says “Processing,” it means that a writer is working on the paper. When the status is “Sent,” it means that you can look for the completed document in the “Files” section.

You will be sent automatic emails related to any changes in your account. When we receive payment from you, when we assign a writer to work on your paper, when the writer sends you a message, when the writer uploads the paper — in all these cases, you will be notified by an automatic email. Additionally, you can get SMS, system messages, and calls.

No, unfortunately, we do not deal with coding assignments. All IT-related tasks and those connected with app development and programming are not manageable by our company.

Yes, we do not only provide custom writing service when it comes to academic writing but we also offer expert assistance when it comes to online tests and exams. To place this order type, you need to register a new order, choose the “Online Test” type.Make sure that you provide all descriptions and instructions of your test and its specifics. Send as many details as possible, especially those relating to the duration of the test, the exact time when it starts, and your time zone. Remember to send your credentials to the website and indicate your time zone.

You will have to log in to your personal cabinet and go to the “Files” section. Under the right order ID, you will be able to download the finished paper. Besides, as soon as your writer uploads the paper to the system, you will be notified via email — you will receive a link for downloading your paper.

It is possible to communicate with the writer by exchanging messages, but you cannot call your writer over the phone. If you need some immediate reply, contact our customer support service and ask the agents to get a response from your writer as soon as possible.

Yes, sure, you can send your revision request by paying extra even if the free revision period has expired. To do it, you have to place a new order online and select “Revision” as the order type.

Our company administration does everything possible to find the writer within the shortest terms, but it actually depends on your paper requirements, such as how pressing the deadline is and how difficult the order is. On average, it takes from a few minutes to a few hours.

Just go to your profile and click the “Edit” button. Provide all the necessary updates and remember to click the “Save changes” button.

When you log in to your personal cabinet and check on the order details, you will see that there is a “Request revision” button. When you click it, you will be able to send a brief message to your writer asking for revision. There is also a chance for you to attach any remarks you have. Within 48 hours(or 30 days depending on the order specifics) after the deadline expiration, you have an opportunity to send a revision request for free. When sending your revision request, keep in mind that you should set deadline for revision.

Yes, we have such service. It costs extra and you will receive a one-page draft after 50% of the deadline limit has expired.

As soon as we find a writer to assign to your order, you will be able to see these details in your personal cabinet. To be exact, the order status will be changed to “Processing” and you will be able to see the writer’s ID in the order details.

You can place an additional order, where you will specify the number of pages that need to be added. After you pay for it and it is verified, these two orders will be linked together and your writer will receive a notification of that. As such, he/she will make the necessary changes.

If you have already submitted the order and saved the registration form, you are not allowed to introduce any changes or modifications. To make the changes, you have to contact our customer support representatives and they will make the changes on your behalf and inform your assigned writer about any updates. In some cases, you will need to pay compensation, especially if you have changed the deadline or word count requirements.

This delay may result from the exceeding size of the files that you have attached. Even though there is a field for additional files, try not to exceed the allowed minimum. If you upload too many files, it may negatively affect the speed of page loading. Instead forward those files to the customer support agents and they will send them to your writer.

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