Write a Questionnaire: Useful Tips

Preparing a questionnaire is a challenging task. When you have to write a questionnaire, the biggest problem which you may face is that various people can interpret some questions differently. As a result, in order to write a good questionnaire, it is necessary to make it in a way that will be interpreted equally by every respondent. So, how to make a good question? A good question is usually not long, precise, and straight to the point. It is important to use simple English while making questionnaire not to confuse people. Only a thorough work can bring positive result in writing a questionnaire.

Tips on Questionnaire Writing

  • Keep it short.

Effective questionnaire should be short in length. Whenever you need to write a questionnaire, think about the essential issues. Place a focus on those questions that will help get the most useful information. The other questions can be avoided.

  • Simple language.

The respondents may be people from different backgrounds and with different experience. You should remember that if you are not addressing a specific audience where you can use language that is more sophisticated, your questions should be understandable for everyone.

  • Understandable question.

Make sure people reading your questionnaire understand the question the same way. It means that you should not develop questions that have double meaning. For better understanding, it is also recommended to explain abbreviations (if you have any), even if they are commonly known.

  • Interesting questions first.

In order to get effective and true responds from people, it is not recommended to start creating a questionnaire with difficult and threatening questions. Make sure you put interesting questions that can attract respondents’ attention first. For example, it will be better to ask about the opinion of respondent’s friend on some issue before writing about his/her personal point of view.

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  • Make short lists of choices.

If you have question with choices, try to make the list of choices short not to confuse people. Besides, some of them offered choices may even be unfamiliar for respondents and it will complicate the task of answering such questions.

  • Use close-ended questions.

Close-ended questions are more effective than open-ended questions, as they help get more precise answers. Besides, such questions make it easier for respondents understand the purpose of questionnaire.

  • Make a test of your survey.

Before making a real survey, test it on someone you know (friends, relatives, etc.). It will help detect shortcomings of your questionnaire and improve them when there is still time. Check if your respondents have any problems answering the questions, ask whether they find the questions easily to understand, etc.

Just like in writing a simple paper, it is recommended to proofread your survey after it was written and pre-tested. Check its structure, components, and even grammar, spelling and punctuation. Please note that in order to get the correct answers that will help your research, you should treat the process of preparing a questionnaire very seriously and responsibly. Only such attitude towards work will bring the desired result.

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