Simple Steps to Writing an Interview Essay

Writing an interview essay is important when you want to gain knowledge or information from a subject. It could be anybody from a friend who is reflecting on their college experiences or a grandfather who discusses what life was like several decades ago. No matter who you are interviewing, you want to make sure that you can transfer the information onto paper in a way that is both clear and entertaining for the reader. Here are some ways to make your interview essay look its best.

Interview Writing Tips

  • Choosing a subject

This is always the first step whenever you write an essay. In some cases your professor might provide you with specific guidelines on who you can interview (i.e., somebody involved in local government, a family member, a college roommate), while in other cases you have some leeway. Either way, make sure you choose somebody that has something worth sharing.

  • Conducting the interview

Before you sit down with the interviewee, make sure they are aware of the details. For instance, if you intend to film the interview with your smartphone or even simply record audio, make sure the subject understands and consents to this in advance. The last thing you would want to do is catch them off guard, especially when they extended you the courtesy of an interview. In addition, while you should come with a list of questions - and be ready to follow up - feel free to deviate if the interviewee makes a compelling statement that takes the interview in another direction.

  • Organizing the information

Once you complete the interview, you will need to organize the information in a logical, coherent manner as you would any other type of essay. To achieve this, start by creating an outline.

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Pulling It Together

After you have written your outline and determined how you will present the information (i.e., in narrative form) it is time to start writing the essay. If you conducted the interview properly, you should end up with more information than you will actually use. In your first draft, feel free to include as much as you want since you can always go back and edit later for content. Using segues to move from one topic to the next is a good way to keep the essay flowing properly.

Polish Your Paper

Once you have finished writing the first draft, all that is left is to condense it by including only the most important and relevant information. Of course, you should also make sure it is free of grammar and punctuation mistakes.

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