Global Warming and Climate Change Essay Sample

Global Warming and Climate Change

The world of advanced technologies demands a global growth of energy, which causes environmental concerns. People struggle with high energy costs trying to find some clean forms of energy in order to solve the existent issue of climatic metamorphosis called global warming. The main point is that global warming belongs to one of the most significant problems caused by human activity that affects agriculture, food and water supplies, and even people’s survival.

“Global warming is happening and man is responsible for at least some of it” (Murray, 2006, n.p.). Nowadays, people use too much energy, damaging the environment. Thus, they require drastic cuts in the constant energy consumption. In the developing countries, huge industrial companies, organizations and plants use energy abundantly, and such tendency affects the climate change. It can threaten the agriculture, water and food supplies, increasing poverty all over the world. It is obvious that global warming has a negative impact on the climate, which is changing through gradual increase of the Earth temperature. Scientists state that such extreme weather events as droughts, rainstorms and heatwaves will occur with great intensity because of the global warming. It also negatively influences forests, farmland development and even human health. In such a way, it is necessary to pay attention to the importance of economics because future predictions of this widespread problem are connected with financial models. Moreover, “greenhouse gas emissions derive from energy use which in turn derives from economic growth” (Murray, 2006, n.p.).

“Many people already had their minds made up about global warming” (Michigan State University, 2014, n.p.), claiming that it is not real and not very serious. However, global warming definitely affects the present ecosystem, and it is known that a number of plant and animal species are moving their range to higher altitudes. As for the birds and insects, they begin to arrive in their summer nests some weeks earlier than it was before. Besides, increasing temperatures will cause the expansion of many diseases, which can destroy the plants and kill the animals that were formerly protected against these infections. As a result, half of the plants and animals will disappear. In general, “global species will face increasing risk of extinction; glacier retreats will threaten water supplies in Central Asia and South America” (Nuccitelli, 2014, n.p.), destroying the planet. Considering social impacts of global warming, it is obvious that the changes in human society will be more devastating. Agriculture will suffer from severe crop failures and livestock shortages because of the constant droughts, adverse weather conditions, lack of snowmelt and arable land. Besides, food deficit in the markets will lead to famines, political instability and death rate increase among people. Global warming will also negatively affect human health, causing the spread of malaria, fever and asthma.

Thus, global warming is a widespread problem that can have such consequences as human death due to different diseases, famine caused by lack of food, and extinction of flora and fauna. In order to prevent global warming, which can cause a boundless poverty, government and large companies have to find precise approaches that will allow people to survive. If the humankind wants to have enough food and water supplies, every single person must contribute in order to prevent the destruction of agriculture and resulting poverty. Contributions are needed to discover different alternative sources of energy. People must protect forests as well because trees can help combat global warming, soaking up carbon dioxide and producing enough oxygen. Undoubtedly, it will help change climate in a sustainable way. However, people must plant these trees at the optimal temperatures due to global climatic alterations. Moreover, the rainforest conservation will reduce intensive climate changes and protect endangered species. It means that people must support the environment, creating specific international organizations in order to struggle against global warming. The only chance to survive is to unite human attempts and efforts into one worldwide deed.

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