Abortion: Political or Personal Essay Sample

Abortion: Political or Personal

Abortion is a controversial issue in the today’s world. It has raised hot debates with certain groups supporting it while others have seriously criticized the practice. The paper will focus on perspectives related to abortion.

On the one hand, abortion should not be legalized because it leads to a loss of life. It is an act of murder, and no single individual has the right to take another person’s life. Every human being has the right to live; therefore, abortion should not be encouraged because it is a threat to life. It is unfortunate that many people argue that an abortion is not murder; however, it is clear that life starts immediately after conception.  The holy books also give a clear indication that whoever commits murder will face strict punishment from God.  The government has to protect every individual including the fetus (Berlatsky 11).

Legalizing abortion will allow irresponsible mothers to have an alternative way of birth control. Women would continuously procure an abortion and shun away from their responsibility of managing their sexual life. Frequent abortion has negative impacts on the lives of women as well. Females should understand that abortion does not only kill the child, but it also endangers their own lives. Someone who demands a full control of their life should also portray the same by ensuring full management of their sexual life (Lee 15).

Every human being is a contribution to this world. Aborted children could possess great potential and they might be of great help to the society. Denying children their right to live is a big loss to the planet. However, pregnancy can cause psychological pain, regrets and other effects that can derail a woman. In the cases of rape and other forms of sexual abuses, pregnancy should not be allowed. People should control conception instead of taking measures when pregnancy has already taken place (Fromer 11).

 On the other hand, there are factors that can justify abortion.  Women can control their reproductive life themselves.  Men might be irresponsible and they may abandon women when they get pregnant. Women, in turn, may be not financially secure enough to support their potential child. Every child deserves a good life; therefore, there is no need of giving birth to a child only for it to suffer (Berlatsky 11).

Women are exposed to the risk of rape and sexual abuse. It would be very traumatizing if women were forced to carry and give birth to undesired kids. It would be rather stressing and could result to more psychological harms. Some teenagers who are still learning are likely to quit studies when they become mothers. Such actions can affect all their future life and career. As a result, women will not cater for their children because they will have no means and time to do that (Alcorn 13).

In some cases, pregnancy may be a great threat to the life of the mother. As a result, the health of the child may be at risk as well, and it would not be sensible to allow pregnancy to go to completion.

Abortion was a common practice in many parts of the world from times immemorial. It was present in the Roman Empire, Ancient Egypt and China. However, many nations had not yet legalized abortion. Abortion was always strongly opposed by religious groups. The legalization of abortion has been brought by the efforts of women groups and other civil rights organizations (Lee 5).

Pro-choice supporters argue that human beings have to be accorded their full rights in relation to their reproductive health. They argue that individuals should be allowed unlimited autonomy in relation to productive health if they do not breach the rights of others. They clearly affirm that governments should legalize celibacy, abortion, contraception and childbirth. Pro-choice advocates state that individuals are the ones who may solely manage their reproductive lives.  They support abortion, and they clearly indicate that women should never be forced to give birth to a child if they do not want that (Alcorn 6).

Pro-life is a contrast to pro-choice.  Pro-life supporters argue that the government has a mandate of protecting all individuals. They argue that even unborn human beings have a right to live. The pro-life political perspective prohibits the acts of war except in very serious situations. It also prohibits euthanasia and abortion.  Pro-life has a strong opposition to abortion. They argue that no individual should be allowed to take the life of another person.

The pro-life perspective is against the notion that every human being should be given the autonomy to choose whether to have an abortion or not. They have been very vocal in criticizing the acts of abortion. They argue that every individual has the right to live, even if he/she has a disability or some other special condition (Alcorn 12).

However, abortion may be necessary in some circumstances. The future mother, for example, could have been raped or subjected to incest. As a result, she may not want to give birth to the child. Women may also contract serious sexual infections such as HIV and others in the process.  They may experience serious psychological trauma as well. In this kind of circumstance, abortion should be allowed because forcing the woman to carry a pregnancy will cause more harm to her. Moreover, if the mother is denied the right to carry out abortion, she will give birth to a child whom she will not love. There is no sense of bringing a child who is not wanted and loved by the mother in this world. Life will be very hard for such a kid (Fromer 16).

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In some circumstances, the mother may not be physically fit to carry a pregnancy to completion.  In such situations, even if the mother is allowed to carry a pregnancy, her life will be endangered, and the child will not be spared.  In such circumstances, it is good to allow abortion and spare the life of the mother.

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