The Philosophy of Music for John Philip Sousa Essay Sample

The Philosophy of Music for John Philip Sousa

Sousa believed that music aimed at entertainment was of great worth to the universe compared to educative music. This idea evolved during his first years as a drama artist, when he thought of becoming a music composer or a conductor. Through conducting entertainment songs, he gained fame and became a very successful musician in America. He was thereby chosen as a United States leader of the naval band, a post he held for twelve years. He later transformed the band into the best in the universe. After several years, Sousa formed his own civilian band, which assumed a position of equality with the best masterpieces during those times. The best performing bands were involved in the concert but he managed to beat them all. It was during this time that he was named the “March king” after conquering several leading bands in the area (Warfield 289-318).

In all his presentations, Sousa acted to excellence regardless of the type of performance. This act of performance in masterpieces and admired songs drew attention of huge crowds to him. The public came closer to him, thereby expressing its liking for him (Warfield 289-318). He was quoted to be a talented man with exemplary character in terms of self-discipline. Everything that he got involved prospered, as he was humble, friendly, and understanding. He was also hard-working, which was the center of his excellent work. He always performed to entertain his viewers. Through his personality and character, Sousa’s music is listened by numerous people internationally. In 1910 to 1911, his group traveled throughout the world, making Sousa very famous (Stauffer 155-156).

Through his diverse categories of music, which consisted of the fifteen operettas, he was able to please all people. He was a religious man, and therefore presented inspiring music to people. His melodic attitude was replicated in all his endeavors. He claimed that his power to act and entertain came from almighty God. Whenever people felt morally or physically challenged, they would always listen to Sousa’s music which gave the way forward through the inspirational melodies. Sousa clarified to his followers that he would retire from his job on death. This however showed his steadfastness in the musical industry. Through this, he received numerous honors among them being the appointment to the hall of celebrity for first class Americans.

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