Research Proposal: Regional Planning Agencies Essay Sample

Research Proposal: Regional Planning Agencies

The United States holds numerous regional planning organizations that are significant. The agencies are either spontaneous companies of the local government or administered by the nation’s regulations, including the Urban Services District in Oregon (Cullingworth & Caves, 2013). Additionally, the regional planning organizations are put in place by the government for many causes. Some of major causes are to initiate the programs that split administrative boundaries. The regional planning firms also issue the relevant information about the particular area and offers technical support. Besides, they are a channel between the member government, federal association, and the country. Sometimes, the regional planning association may be used as a convention to clarify decisive and complex matters among the representatives of the local government. The reason is that the representative of the local government is able to find a relevant solution to the existing difficulties that affect many administrations. Nevertheless, the regional planning associations have a direct supervisory authority since they supervise how land is managed and prepare land proposals. The territorial planning agencies are able to supervise the management of land through a subdivision analysis and a zoning approval. Again, the agencies rely on the survey proposed for the significant development whose effect might cross governmental borders, analysis, and ascertain local governmental plans. This research proposal will elaborate the regional planning, its roles, and the overall responsibilities, its organizational structure, and its importance in the US.

The Administrative Structure of the Regional Planning Organizations

The regional planning authority is a significant institution in any country. The administrative structure is multi-county or located within one county. Additionally, its legislative structure has abundant authorities depending on the size, location, and population. The administrative body is made up of loyal citizens whom the local government nominates. However, the chosen official may also provide their services to the association. There are many functions and responsibilities of the appointed members of a regional planning commission. Their major role is to develop plans and issue technical support to government representatives, such as those elections from New Jersey (Kone, 2006). Governing expansion regulation, including assessing and accepting a subdivision plat, is another crucial role of appointed members. Interestingly, the expressway geographical planning commission covers some sections of multistage locations, such as the metropolitan ones. Ohio is a fundamental example of the intestate territorial planning agency. It was formed under the effect of the significant permissive legislation.

The council of governments is another essential part of the organization structure. They have different roles in regional planning authority in a context of planning. The reason is that the board of governors can practically perform any task that a representative of the government can execute, which is in line with the council of the government's ruling membership. For instance, a council could conduct the services of regional ambulance service provided the membership authorizes. The administrative structure of the council of governments is comprised of delegates being elected from the legislative membership. However, the elected delegates can be selected from other fields, including a representative of the economic development firms in the specific region. There are other rare cases that vary. They involve such as the assembly of governments whose delegates are both from the regional government and the state. The Metropolitan Washington Assembly of Governments incorporates one representative of the Maryland General Association and other delegate of the Virginia Association. It epitomizes some areas of the Washington D.C Metropolitan region (Cullingworth & Caves, 2013).

The regional counselling committee is another imperative structure for topographical planning of the state. According to the American’s Law Convention’s ideal, it rejected the development of the autonomous regional planning companies (Glasson & Marshall, 2007). Notwithstanding, it suggested the creation of local planning divisions in the areas of the state. Moreover, the distributions were all assigned or rather some sections of the authority of the state planning bureau. The governor had a mandate of formulating regional counselling committees. Besides, his final decision could not be challenged. Additionally, the governor could assign some sections of powers of the regional planning section to the committee. The committee was also assigned the task of instructing a city planning director.

The regional distribution agency is another necessary part of the organizational structure of regional planning agencies. It virtually designates federal funds to the existing programs in the regions, including those in the local government or either of the household’s agencies among others. The regional distribution agency is answerable for appropriating funding for the agencies, such as transportation, urban planning, and the environmental management. Under each explicit program, a zonal bureau will have to establish the allocation design that meets the requirements of the whole promising recipient on a regional basis. The regional agency needs to demonstrate how it addresses the requirements for people residing in a total metropolitan area. The Metropolitan Service District in Oregon and the Metropolitan Assembly in the Minnesota region are the decisive examples of regional distribution agencies (Glasson & Marshall, 2007).

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The special-purpose regional bureau is another vital structure to plan and manage development in the environmentally responsive areas. The majority of cities in the US adopt a special-purpose topographical bureau to manage their inconclusive friendly metropolitan areas. Again, the regional bureaus are crucial in locations that are showing state wide resource importance. The pineapple commission located in New Jersey is a significant example of the ever functioning special-purpose topographical organization. The San Francisco Maintenance and Expansion Commission in the city of California is another good example among others (Cullingworth & Caves, 2013).

Nevertheless, there are many considerations that are to be put in place for the agency to be effective and productive. The major consideration is the drafting of agency and the factors that facilitated the needs of the Bureau. It means the agency requires an administration that has the skilful personnel and the matters that enhance the establishing of the bureau to be clear.

Functions and Significance of Regional Planning Agencies

The regional planning organizations provide technical assistance to the territorial government. It exhaustively formulates a regional plan that acts as groundwork to the local governments. Again, the agency prepares some plans that would be used as an ideal structure by special districts, private and public organizations in the region of the United States. The agencies coordinate with the units of the amalgamated government in carrying out a planning function. The planning agencies conduct exclusive studies and actively engage in the planning, i.e. research like the Cape Cod in Metropolitan of Massachusetts (Glasson & Marshall, 2007).

Providing education, excellent training, and regional administration is another crucial role of planning agencies. The agencies govern the amalgamated and the programs that the state has funded. It is a function of agencies to administer all other sources of equity assigned to the regional planning bureau by statutes. They integrate the territorial planning program with the essential federal legislation (Glasson & Marshall, 2007). Because of this, the agencies are able to participate in a plan of the territorial public information and the exchange of the relevant information in relation to the regional’s planning activities. The agencies have the capacity to consult from both profit and non-profit organizations for guidance in forming an agreement in relation to any activity taken by the regional planning organization.

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Delivery of regional interests and any other viewpoints to the other level of the government is another role of the geographical planning agency. The topographical significances are only necessary when the zonal planning bureau is precisely developed to generate regional planning services. It should as well participate in the actual planning of the metropolitan. In the past, the provision of the territorial planning service was a prime function of the council on legislation or the government. Its function was vested under the joint power's consensus in the laws on the statutes. The reason is that it exercises jurisdiction to a representative of the government to solve some challenges of the collective concerns that affects a specific region within the state. The necessary example is the Delaware Valley Regional Planning Agency that delivers the territorial interests to another level of the federal government. Moreover, its sovereignty covers the major areas of Pennsylvania and New Jersey (Cullingworth & Caves, 2013).

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Regional planning authority has the authorization of auditing the metropolitan proposal for the development of exceptional districts in the state. The authority provides some guidelines and conditions that specify the boundaries under which the unique districts will function in. The reason is that the bureau is approximately given a period of within thirty days to surrender a report that state the area-wide implication of the planning development proposal (Kone, 2006). The proposal of the report needs to refer to the local government during its implementation. The authority surveys the fundamental capital resource projects. These ones have been recommended by the federal government or any agency to be situated within the scope’s boundaries.


To conclude, the regional planning organizations are becoming crucial in the new urban development. The way the modern land is utilized has significantly changed. The designs have expanded over the last decades. Metropolitan regions have become more important. In order to leverage the environmental consequences brought by the nation’s development, transportation infrastructure, and land utilization, the government must always operate at the level where regions outskirts and the primary metropolitan cities are perceived together. Regional planning agencies will help modernize municipal areas. The reason is that the government needs a fresh approach towards the establishment of some modern metropolitan regional planning agencies. Effective regional planning works towards creating a conducive and urban environment that will improve the economy. Most importantly, the territorial planning organizations are providing resources for the preservation of the greenbelt policy.

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