Police Culture Essay Sample

Police Culture

Police culture is an organization that entails the reflection of unbiased and qualified crime fighters and a scheme of values and conduct. The debate of police culture is largely centered on the negative traits than the positive. It is said to be the summation of several divisions of civilization. The force of the culture is founded on law enforcement as a duty and thus whatever thing done in detection of the function is of high-quality. It is argued that the foundation makes the culture quite difficult to modify (Frank, J. P. (2010).

In an aggressive and unstable situation, the police culture reassures its associates that supplementary representatives will guard, support up, and help their contemporaries when faced with exterior pressure and that they resolve to uphold privacy if encountered with exterior inquiry. It is human kind character not to want to be detested, which involves the panic of vengeance with the knowledge of individuality; hence teamwork is encouraged in police activities (Frank, J. P. (2010).

In the case of unlawful action, police officers do not inform other officials of the incident. This code of silence is dissimilar and is evident when an officer wishes to apply ethical policy and individual lenience to misbehavior. However, the code of silence has been the utmost barrier to liability (Westmorland, L.2005). The opinion of the public is based on the treatment they get from the police and the officer-citizen relationship. According to a research conducted by the Montana state university, 80% of the U.S citizens felt safe in the presence of police officers due to their regulatory role.

It is a police culture not to hesitate in giving statements in the case of interrogations after an alarming incident has occurred. Consequently, very little is said of the police which is the reason why the media does not get sufficient information concerning the issue. Media coverage does not change the opinion of the public on law enforcement officers. In the U.S, law enforcement officers have seriously overrated the capability of the media to control public view of regulation (Charter, S., & Weiss, A. (2005).

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