In Pursuit of Innovation: Why People Line Up to Buy the Latest iPhone Essay Sample

In Pursuit of Innovation: Why People Line Up to Buy the Latest iPhone

Recently, a new curious phenomenon has emerged: every year, more and more people are ready to spend much time on standing in a line to be among the first owners of a new iPhone. Some people understand why apple lovers engage in this venture while others believe that it is nonsense and insanity. Nevertheless, thousands of individuals worldwide keep doing it. The main cause of this phenomenon is that Apple is a creative trendsetter, and people show their respect for the company in such a manner. 

Enthusiasm is one of the reasons of why a person decides to spend much time in a line to purchase this good. If one looks into the past, people have gone enthusiastic about different things since times immemorial. Centuries ago, people used to meet to watch a fence play. They did it because this event was not ordinary, and they enjoyed it. Nowadays, the people’s enthusiasm has not disappeared. It just has acquired a new form because the world has significantly changed since then. In several decades, people will get used to the phenomenon of standing in a line to purchase a new device. Many years ago, the society got used to visiting theaters to watch a performance. Many people still do it today because it is interesting, relaxing, and exciting. The society has also accustomed to attending the football matches. Nowadays, no one thinks that it is strange when a football fan from the United States travels to Europe and spends much time and money to see one of the matches of the World Cup. On the other hand, some people are enthusiastic about horseracing. A person may not like punting, but watching the dust floating in the air when a horse is running makes him or her excited. Moreover, many people adore watching the automobile racing. They gather to praise the speed, racing cars, famous racing drivers, and the taste of victory. There are even people who adore wearing costumes, buying artificial weapon, establishing certain rules, and creating the role-playing games. Nevertheless, some people may still consider that these phenomena are more than strange. However, it exists and attracts many people. It is possible to provide a huge number of such examples, but they certainly have one thing in common: enthusiasm. This concept unites people with similar views and interests and makes them a part of the crowd involved in a certain activity. The society considers a particular activity either normal or strange because of different reasons. Elgan, for example, asserts, “Apple fans are nerd nerds, the most concentrated brand” (n.p.).

Besides enthusiasm, Apple fans have another thing in common – all of them appreciate the achievements and innovations. It is the main reason for this phenomenon because it would not exist without appreciation. Most people value their money and time; therefore, if they did not consider the device so exceptional, they would buy it online or refuse from purchasing it at all. These people believe that standing in a line for hours to buy the newest iPhone is the best way to show their appreciation. In other words, by doing so, they show how grateful they are to all employees who have contributed to the creation and launch of the device. The fans of this company know the difference between the iPhone and other phones, so they are thrilled to be the first ones who will hold one of it in their hands. Undoubtedly, Apple is an outstanding company, and most people consider iPhone a great invention. If to compare this item with the other smart phones, a person may find many advantages of the first. For instance, “Both new 6 and 6 Plus iPhones feature a faster A8 processor, an improved 8MP iSight camera with optical image stabilization, and an M8 motion coprocessor, which measures exercise activities” (Herbert n.p.). People value the company’s commitment to presents unique devices, “While the rest of the PC industry is struggling with differentiation, Apple has had it since day one” (Bajarin n.p.). Apple is the company that has managed to compete with such giant corporations as Microsoft. It did not only succeed in entering the market but also became one of the main players in the industry, and it is definitely worth appreciation. Many individuals who stand in those long lines do it to honor one particular person – Steve Jobs. People believe that without him, Apple would have hardly succeeded. Steve Jobs was a prominent person; he was hard working, smart, and he had his philosophy of life. Jobs never gave up; he constantly moved forward. His view of the world helped him to create an extraordinary company.   

Many people think that such an activity is useless because it is more convenient to order the item online without wasting so much time. They think that people who wait to be the first buyers are insane because the phone is not worth such an appreciation. When the fans of iPhone state that it is a unique device, some people argue that the price for it is still too high. Therefore, they do not understand why people value this device so much if so many disadvantages emerge as compared to, for instance, the Android devices. For example, the sharing options of Android are endless; it is possible to substitute its keyboard by any other; there are many ways to customize the system; the bar that shows notifications is better; the address book contains images of people. Moreover, “Android does not care where your music comes from. Apple, however, requires iTunes if you want to load your iPhone up with songs” (D’Onfro n.p.). However, all these disadvantages seem fanciful because they reveal people’s taste preferences, but not the superiority of the technology itself. Therefore, iPhone does deserve to gather long queues of people admiring the advance of the technology and innovation.  

To sum up, there are several reasons of why people would rather stay up all night to purchase this good than stay in bed. They do it because they are enthusiastic; they consider it an entertainment, and most importantly, people value what Apple brings to the world of technologies.

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