Giuseppe Verdi, la Traviata Essay Sample

Giuseppe Verdi, la Traviata

There are several elements in quality music including use of voices and instruments, the texture, the rhythmic organization, the harmonic organization, the complexity or simplicity, the dynamics and the expressiveness. Giuseppe Verdi, the composer of la traviata performed his opera in the year 1853 in Venice. He was a poet, live performing artist and a producer in the early centuries. His piece of music, la traviata consists of all voices including soprano, tenor, baritone, mezzo-soprano and bass. This brings a special musical blend that soothes the audience. A combination of different instruments make up the good musical environment that create a thematic texture, which helps the audience relate well with the artists. For example, la traviata speaks on a love triangle story with the success and failures of people in relationships and work. The song helps some characters express their feelings of love and others their celebration of success in life. The combination of different voices and instruments harmonize the music as well as the different themes of love, hate, freedom, victory, defeat and success.

Through all these themes, the song presents a simple message to the audience such that they do not need interpretations to understand it. It defines the early centuries with purity in music, appreciation of ancient culture, interesting and educative messages. For this reason, its uniqueness triggered bigger percentages of artists who wanted to reach out to the society dwelling on their normal experiences. In addition to this, its emphasis on normal life experiences caused all people to listen to it because it was presentable as compared to the modern type of music that only interests youths and children. His religious and cultural beliefs greatly influenced the texture in his work, for example, his religious beliefs encourage morality in the society hence his simplicity in his work.

Philip Glass, Einstein on the beach

Einstein on the beach by Philip Glass is also a classic musical piece with a good rhythmic blend on a different flow of events. This song is performed on the knees to symbolize how humans fight through obstacles and trials to overcome. It brings out a form of simplicity in the performed themes of trials and repetition. For example, it defines the many circles that one goes through when facing trials and how one can attempt to create new beginnings. In addition to this, it indirectly highlights the importance of staying positive and hopeful despite the hardships one faces. There are different voices such as baritone, soprano and bass that harmonize with the instruments to create a cheerful response in the audience. The performance also portrays historical cultures that constantly delayed resolutions in the past regarding people’s ideas and dreams for the future.

Philip’s music is an interesting part of his life and past experiences. He uses his music to communicate his feelings and response to the significance of the flow of events, at the same time he is responding to other people’s opinions regarding their experiences. Einstein on the beach plays a major role in both the development and destruction of societal values. For example, its emphasis on encouraging people to seek victory against all odds encourages morality yet encourages immorality in terms of people’s different interpretations. In addition to this, his simple texture in the music helps many individuals deal with their tough encounters in life. On the other hand, it also motivates people to learn and be well informed about history and historical events. His composition is based on true events that inspire different outcomes in terms of the response of the audience. The structure of his music reminds people to take on their different but effective roles in ensuring divine harmony. 

In conclusion, music is therapeutic for many people in the society especially with the ancient genre of music the explored life in all aspects. Even though, the modern type of music is the most preferred for many individuals, the ancient type of music still maintains its high quality ratings. This is because unlike modern music, it actually focused on the needs and experiences of the people. This also means that many producers rate the ancient music as original and one that has not lost its wonderment with unique techniques and maturity.

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