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The revolution in Haiti caused mixed reactions from the people of the United States of America. Those affected included slaveholders and slaves who feared that slave revolution may potentially spread to other parts of the island. This was a threat to slave holders because they knew that the African slaves might be affected by the revolution such that they would be inspired to engage in trading their services for money, meaning they would get payment for their slavery. Nevertheless, there were advocates of anti-slavery who strongly believed that people deserved the chance to work on their own in liberty and equality for all slaves.

The events that took place during the revolution in 1971 had a massive effect on slaveholders in the United States of America. Because of this, many slaves who encountered revolution were open minded to the idea of fighting for their freedom based on the efforts of the anti-slavery advocates. They began to fight for liberty claiming they had the capacity to work hard on their own will and not under pressure. For this reason, they began to rebel against their masters such that most of them began to engage in other practices such as inventing their own businesses in order to prove to the society that they could be more than slaves could. Because of their tireless efforts to prove themselves worthy, the people experienced continuous growth and prosperity in their farms and businesses. This was because of the minds and new ideas of slaves that they put to use to ensure they contributed towards the growth and development of the United States economy. As many slaveholders would allow their slave, the chance to create new ideas, most people became attracted to their ideas and efforts from the revolution experience and process such that they no longer had to be slave but work as independent individuals.

In conclusion, the revolution caused many slaves to find a better direction in their lives and explore other option in terms of working with liberty. For this reason, most organizations and institutions were able to find new ideas to help develop existing ones. In addition to this, slaves had the chance to create better lives and futures for their families and hope for other slave who still practiced slavery. While slaveholders lost their power and charm over their slaves, the economy benefited from both their efforts in that slaveholders gave slaves, while slaves gave their ideas and efforts.

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