Art and Intension Essay Sample

Art and Intension

Different cultures of the world become more understandable to each other   through pieces of art. The cultures are profoundly transformed through various discussions and debates about the intension behind the production of art. Through personified artwork, different cultures have reached a massive part of the world. Artwork can be inspired by different events such as political, historical, cultural and religious that hold similar and contrasting themes. The shapes, positions, materials, colors, texture, themes and various inspiring events give the pieces of arts their expression and meaning. Examples include Marcel Duchamp’s Nude Descending a Staircase piece of work and Michelangelo’s David piece of work, which the audience started to appreciate and love only with a deeper understanding of the artist’s intentions (Zibas, 2011).

The public rejected the Nude Descending a Staircase art because many of them felt that the nudity offended their sensibilities, whereas the elements of futurism and cubism presented an unfamiliar and weird approach to painting. The objectionable element to viewers about the Nude Descending piece of art was that the artist used different and varying techniques to present different positions and movements in the lives of humans. He sought to bring a unique sense of appreciation for an artwork that was not ordinary. This means he presented life from all angles and meant to inspire the audience.

 Michelangelo’s David on the other hand was objectionable in its representation of freedom, which the artist featured in his attempt no to depend on established rules of artwork and make his work aesthetic rather than functional. The artist’s innovative approach comes from his desire to portray freedom as a positive influence to being successful just like his paintings. His representation of art changes a viewer’s attitude towards nude pieces of art because these pieces have stood the test of time and advanced viewers’ desire to move forward by exercising freedom. For this reason, his work remains to be among the important pieces of work that every audience can find inspiration and courage from (Zibas, 2011).

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