Air Pollution Essay Sample

Air Pollution

Air pollution refers to the introduction of biological materials, chemicals, or particulates in the atmosphere (Alters & Schiff, 2006). The foreign materials can cause discomfort, diseases, death to people and animals, or damage to plants. Some of the sources of air pollutants include factories, automobiles, and small gas-powered engines, such as lawn mowers (Alters & Schiff, 2006). The small machines have contributed significantly to air pollution, which has affected human beings negatively. In the contemporary society, identification and control of air pollution is necessary. This discussion will consider the controversy surrounding the use of small gas-powered engines, as well as the solution against air pollution that small gas powered engines cause.

Small gas-powered machines include high-pressure washers, power trowels, concrete cutting saws, floor buffers, generators, compressors, welders, lawnmowers, garden tractors, trimmers, among others (Alters & Schiff, 2006). The small-gas powered machines are useful because they can lead to an accomplishment of a task within a short time. For instance, a lawnmower will cut grass on a large tract of land perfectly within a day. Many people in the United States and other countries across the world use small gas-powered machines. This is because of the low fuel consumption of the small gas-powered machines, as well as the cheap cost of acquiring them. The use of small gas-powered machines has become a controversial issue because the machines contribute to air pollution, which is harmful to human beings, especially the operators (Alters & Schiff, 2006).

In spite of the usefulness of the small gas-powered machines, the machines contribute to air pollution significantly. In the United States, gas-powered lawnmowers produce about five percent of total air pollution (Alters & Schiff, 2006). The small gas-powered machines produce disproportionately large quantities of nitrogen oxides and carbon monoxide, which contribute to the formation of smog (Alters & Schiff, 2006). Carbon monoxide accumulates around the gasoline-powered machines rapidly because of incomplete combustion of gasoline. The smog-laden air leads to health problems, such as asthma attacks cardiac arrest, which results from insufficient oxygen levels in the bloodstream. Another significant problem that small gas-powered engines cause includes spilling of fuel during refueling (Alters & Schiff, 2006). Garden and lawnmowers spill a substantial amount of fuel each year because many people own the machines. Evaporation of the spilled fuel contributes to the depletion of the ozone layer, which protects the biosphere from harmful radiations (Alters & Schiff, 2006). Therefore, people should embrace appropriate ways to reduce air pollutions that the small gas-powered engines create.

The use of small solar-powered and electric machines, such as lawnmowers will reduce air pollution significantly (Alters & Schiff, 2006). These are eco-friendly machines because they do not involve combustion of gasoline that produces poisonous gases, including carbon monoxide. Human powered reel mowers are the most eco-friendly lawnmowers that people should use because the machines do not produce exhaust fumes. Electric lawnmowers reduce air pollution by about ninety percent with low noise levels as compared to the noise that the small gas-powered machines produce (Alters & Schiff, 2006). The small gasoline-powered machines should have metal storage containers with spill proof nozzles to avoid spilling of fuel. Other ways of preventing the spilling of fuel include using funnels, avoiding overfilling, and closing the vent hole and cap tightly after filling.

In conclusion, small gas-powered machines, such as lawnmowers, are extremely useful in accomplishing farm tasks within a short time (Alters & Schiff, 2006). However, the small gas-powered machines produce a substantial amount of pollutants that cause air pollution. The pollutants can cause death, health complications, and depletion of the ozone layer. Therefore, people should look for appropriate solutions, including use of solar-powered, electric-powered, and human-powered lawnmowers, which are eco-friendly (Alters & Schiff, 2006).

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