PTSD in Adolescents Essay Sample

PTSD in Adolescents

What Is Being Done to Address This Problem on PTSD in Adolescents

PTSD is very common among the adolescents. This disorder occurs when children are faced with a situation that is extremely traumatizing. For example, this disorder may occur in adolescents who have experienced rape, fires, violent crimes and other hard situations. Children suffering from these problems are escalating. This part will discuss the solutions that have been done to address the problem of PSTD among adolescents (National Center for PTSD, 2015).

Cognitive behavioral therapy is used to address the problem of PSTD among adolescents. One of the common types of CBT is the trauma-focused CBT. This type of CBT comprises of various techniques used in reducing worries. The trauma-focused therapy is aimed at changing the existing belief of a child, which may be untrue. The method allows the child to focus on stressful situations that caused trauma, and this enables the child to relax when he/she is still thinking about the trauma (National Institute of Mental Health). By subjecting children to such situations, they can learn that they do not have to worry because of their memories.

Crisis management has also been widely used among adolescents who have had violent situations in their past. This method can be applied in a societal setting as well as in schools. The method ensures that children are comfortable, and they are made to understand that their reactions are normal. The method aims at calming the child and providing one with problem-solving skills.

Play therapy is another method used in addressing PSTD. This method is used when working with children who cannot deal with trauma in a direct way. Therapists use various methods to help the children to forget their memories that are traumatizing. Another common method used in addressing the problem of PSTD among adolescents is the use of EMDR. The EMDR is a very common method used in treating children through the use of directed eye movements.

Stress affects individuals in different ways. It is wise to address the key symptoms associated with PSTD. Some of the symptoms are so severe and can only be addressed using medications. These medications are used in treating problems that are associated with depression and anxiety. Other drugs used include antianxiety drugs. These drugs are known to cause a relief. In extreme cases, mood stabilizers are also applied as a way of treating the mood symptoms.

Is There a Consensus About How to Improve This Problem, or Is There a Great Deal of Controversy?

From a critical analysis of the methods used in addressing the problem, it is eminent that there is some consensus on the way of solving the problem. At first, some of these methods used in addressing the problem are widely accepted (National Institute of Mental Health). For instance, CBT is a popular method used to solve the problem. The method has proved to work, and many people have widely accepted this method as a way of addressing the problem. Additionally, there is a consensus that the EMDR is effective in addressing the problem of PTSD in both adolescents and adults. The fact that these methods are widely used in addressing the problem indicates that the problem is solvable, and there is some consensus on how to solve the problem.

What solutions have already been tried for this problem?

There is a lot of research on the solutions that will help to curb the problem of PTSD among the adolescents. The national institute of mental health has been trying to develop creative solutions that will make it easy to access CBT. For example, the Institute has been testing the telephone-based therapy as well as online-based platform (National Center for PTSD, 2015). The researchers are also working hard on exploring some treatments that are not very formal. These treatments are designed for individuals who are not experiencing a lot of stress. Other methods are also being tested so as to reduce the chances of an individual developing PSTD fully.

In some cases, researchers have developed a web service where the patients can meet with the therapist. The website is well designed in a way that it provides all the relevant information that is related to the disease (Lubit & Pataki, 2014). Researchers, who have tested the method, have found it to be particularly useful since the method can reach out to many people. Other methods that are underway include the early treatment and diagnosis of the patients with the disease. Researchers are working towards encouraging self-evaluation and screening.

How Successful Have These Solutions Been?

These tests have been successful in one way or the other. Although they have not been scaled up, it is eminent that they will provide long-lasting solutions to deal with the problem. For example, the web-based interventions provide a future in interventions. With the use of web-based programs, it is possible to reach out to a large number of people (Lubit & Pataki, 2014). Measures such as preventing the full development of the disorder will be of a great help since they will reduce the cases of PTSD (National Center for PTSD, 2015).

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What Are the Barriers to Solving This Problem?

There are many barriers that are associated with the interventions of the disorder. Some of the barriers include lack of social support. The community does not provide any social support to the adolescents that are suffering from the disorder. This hinders the recovery of the patients. Additionally, the government has not provided enough support to the society. There are limited government facilities that can help in addressing the problem. The fact that different individuals develop differently to interventions is also another barrier (National Institute of Mental Health).

What Resources Are Available in Your Community to Deal with This Problem?

The society has some resources that can be used in addressing the problem. At first, the family is a vital resource when addressing this problem. The family members can facilitate recovery of the patient by providing the necessary support. The community is another resource. The community role in providing social support is critical (National Center for PTSD, 2015). There are many schools in the locality, and the schools can play a very imperative role in promoting recovery. The mental health facilities and the professionals, who serve in the mental facilities, also provide a very important resource.

How Will This Problem Be Addressed In The Future?

There are many future approaches that can be explored in solving this problem. For example, in the future, there can be methods of preventing the disease. This will be a breakthrough since it will provide a long lasting solution to the problem. It will focus on the factors that cause the disorder so that they can be prevented (Lubit & Pataki, 2014). Other approaches that will be used in addressing the problem in the future is the determination of the factors that define whether one will respond well to a certain intervention. With the use of this approach, it will be possible to apply the right intervention. The former will also make it possible to develop personalized interventions that are very effective. Other approaches that may be considered in the future are the early treatment of the disease. Tracking of the survivors of the problem will also be useful in advancing the approaches that will be applied in the future when addressing the problem.

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How Successful Are These Solutions Likely to Be?

These problems are expected to be very successful. For example, prevention of the disease will be a successful way of eliminating the whole problem. Additionally, focusing on the factors that determine how an individual responds to treatment will be an excellent way of determining the best intervention for addressing the problem (Lubit & Pataki, 2014). The same strategy will help in the successful eradication of the problem.

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