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Philosophy essay samples

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Empiricism and Rationalism essay

The theory of knowledge became the center of modern philosophy. Other philosophical problems, associated with religion and morals, were pushed to the periphery of interest. One cannot know God, nature and human society without finding out first what ...

Functionalism essay

According to modern philosophy, functionalism is a minds’ theory developed mainly as a substitute to both behaviorism and mind identity theory. The basis of functionalism is in the states of mind including desires, being in pain and beliefs ...

Philosophy and Religion essay

Philosophical Skepticism Skepticism is a questioning approach to acts, knowledge or opinions stated as doubt or facts concerning claims that are taken for granted somewhere else (Tara, 2008). Philosophical skepticism is an overall attitude that ...

The Atheist Test-Philosophy essay

The existence of God is highly disbelieved by many atheists. The way some things are, such as the rising of the sun, for instance, remains to be statistical monstrosity to many people. However, others believe that there is a being or spirit that is ...

Thomas Hobbes essay

Thomas Hobbes is one of the greatest English philosophers who played a great role in shaping the political philosophy in Europe. One of his great works is Leviathan, a book that was first published in 1651. This book is believed to have provided ...

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