Purpose of Statement Essay Sample

Purpose of Statement

Having majored in English language and literature (American Culture and Literature in Bahcesehir University) as an undergraduate and graduating from Into City University of London (the faculty of Social Sciences), I have decided to concentrate on Political Science as a Master’s degree.

I am especially interested in English language and communication skills, research skills, independent projects, social science, English literature and textual analysis, American history, novel, poetry, drama and mythology, literary criticism, the features of translation, women’s studies as well as postmodern and comparative literature. My personal projects have involved the combination of research skills, information, the ability to handle the information, along with the analysis of the data obtained. In addition, most of the debates and discussions held during the lessons have helped me to develop relevant skills and become self-organized and team worker personality. Owing to the debates, I have learnt how to apply critical thinking. I have also become an excellent communicator, problem solver, and idea generator. The research projects have helped me to raise the professionalism in the field of study. In addition, they have taught me to accept responsibility and always defend a point of view and stay the course.

In my studies towards a Master’s degree, I hope to examine more closely the theories of international relations, topics and affairs in US foreign policy as well as the features of writing a dissertation. The modules of globalization and the international political economy of development together with an international security (war and peace in a global context) are also the subject of interest to me. The reason is that they are closely related to the areas of the research projects I have already had. The study at the faculty of Social Science inspired me to consider the question of war and peace, along with its impact on people’s lives. A deeper understanding of social institutions along with their mechanisms of impact, allowed me to choose the subject of my future profession, which is the work for a NGO.  

The decision to be a part of a learning program has emerged because of the structure of the program the university offers students along with its features. These are the flexibility of the program, the opportunity for further development of analytical skills as well as a combination of theoretical and empirical issues in international relations. What is more, they include participation in discussions of various political conflicts, human rights, and creation of a strategy of its optimization. The teaching standards combined with an independent study that Queen Mary University provides to its students are very attractive in obtaining the quantitative and qualitative traits that are needed for working in the NGO. The experience gained at Bahcesehir University would contribute to the improvement of my oral and written English skills as well as the success in communication skills.

In terms of career, I see myself working for the NGO, involving in the projects aimed at an increase of living standards in the society, meeting with people of different types, and analysing both the strengths and weaknesses of the specialization. There are three main reasons why NGO’s captured my attention, which are skill development, work satisfaction, and personal development. Firstly, it is the ability to influence directly and help the weaker section of society. Secondly, it is the development of multiple skills that will be winning along with quantitative achievements in the performance profile. In addition, the limitations in funding would contribute to the thinking of innovative approaches to achieve the best results in terms of poor funding or the lack of sources. Thirdly, working in the NGOs changes people into much more grounded persons since they show the ability to work for the benefit for smaller salary.

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