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Personal Statement

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Personal Statement

Personal Statement 1

I used to study in the province of China that has become one of the largest economic centers of the country. While observing how the powerful enterprises are carrying their business activities, I decided to consider the importance of economic activity to not only the development of city and country but also certain human life. I started analyzing the economic strategies of the leading exporters of electronic equipment, chemicals, and textiles using publications in The Global Times. It inspired me to pay more attention to the different details and their interrelation. I began to compare the local giants’ activity with the strategies of the world leading businesses investigating the influence of the economics on all spheres of social life and human in particular.

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Trying to get more information in order to understand the business activities better, I took part in all the possible events that were related to successful business planning or any aspects of economic processes. Therefore, I used to visit the thematic meeting with the leading managers of such enterprises as Sany and Zoomlion trying to get an insight about their career growth and personal qualities that are the pledge of success. In addition, I sat in on XCMG company meetings observing the formulation of the company’s policies.

In school, I was an active participant of all mathematical and physical contests. What is more, I was one of the organizers of Qwest events. The reason is that I am fascinated by solving a logical problem. As a volunteer, I collaborated with a nongovernmental organization on a quiz devoted to the interdependence of the youth’ social activity and the economic potential of Xuzhou city. Moreover, I was involved in the activity of the public assistance groups which helped the victims of natural disasters in China.

Theexperience taught me that the economy is the basis for all spheres of life. Moreover, the economy has certain rules of development. Knowing and understanding them will help resolve a lot of problems ranging from personal situations such as unemployment and local depression as well as the balance of forces in the world, including geopolitical instability.

My goal is to join a socially useful profession that will allow me to be a valuable and active citizen of the country. I should gain a deep knowledge and considerable skills to achieve my aim. My primary goal is to enter the university majoring in economics.

Personal Statement 2

Since my childhood, I have had an analytical turn of mind. I have always tried to understand the reasons behind certain events and people’s behavior. Questions that interested me at most were, why one person could do something without any efforts whereas another one could never dare to even give it a try. I was studying the qualities and life histories of the successful people through watching the feature and documentary films, reading their life stories as a way to success. I tried to imitate their best traits. Thus, I managed to train myself to be a resolute, courageous, and active person. Today, I start realizing my daily list of business activities that needs a lot of efforts. As a rule, these undertakings bring me great satisfaction because I have to overcome my internal barriers while coping with them. This quality makes me proud of my accomplishments and victories over my fears. It helps me move towards the new challenges without any hesitations and struggle against the fears.

Self-discipline is the next important quality of mine. I always plan my day in order to avoid any fleeting impulses. Speaking about character traits, I want to mention my critical thinking abilities. I strive to perceive the eessence of all things surrounding me and analyze different ways of the event’s development, which form the basis for my outlook and perception of the world. Moreover, I am a persistent person always devoting great efforts to achieving my aim despite difficulties and obstacles that I have to overcome. Last but not least, I want to admit that I am an optimist. My credo is, “Whatever happens, happens for the best.” Thus, I am ready for an active educational process and I want to get all the possible opportunities in my student’s life.

Additional Comments

One’s hobby, circle of the interests, and the manner of spending leisure time reflect person’s character. That is why I want to write about things that bring me great satisfaction. It is traveling. In the childhood, my parents always tried to leave our home for the weekends to show me the beauty of the nearby landscapes. We used to visit different places, and we always did it together. Maybe it is the reason for my thirst for new experiences and emotions as it brings me happiness. The communication with people is the most exciting experience in traveling. Perceiving new cultures and traditions always change something in us. Every person whom I met during my travels made me see the world from a different perspective and broaden the horizon of my thinking. It is worth noting that traveling gives an excellent possibility to investigate the interrelations between economy and culture of a country.

However, I am not a typical tourist with the camera in my hands. I prefer to spend my leisure time in an active manner, i. e. cycling, skiing, and diving. In effect, I like to take part in different cultural events, festivals, and competitions. The atmospheres of holiday and unity spirit, which prevail at these events, inspire me and make me full of boundless energy.

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