IOM Report on Future of Nursing Essay Sample

IOM Report on Future of Nursing


The report by the Institute of Medicine concerning nursing in the future is described as the full analysis of the nursing professional. The proposal and recommendations offered in the report pay particular attention to the crucial and most important intersection between the health conditions of the diverse, changing the patient population across the state and the activities of the nursing workforce. Such proposals and recommendations are aimed at improving the health status of the individuals in the United States by using the services and contributions from the nurses. The nursing association all over the United States recommends that nurses should be considered when incorporating the leaders in the particular state to meet the specific demand of health care system. The study is an internalization of the Robert Wood Foundation and the initiatives involved among the states in America, specifically in Florida. Additionally, the discussion will identify the importance and the role of state-based action coalitions in Florida State.

The Work of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Committee Initiative

The Robert Wood Foundation is an American-based organization whose major focus lies on the healthcare system. It is among the America’s largest foundations that deal with issues related to providing a better healthcare system to the individuals in each of the states in America. The foundation has overall estimated assets worth $9.3 billion and generates grants of about $400 million in a year (Finkelman & Kenner, 2010). The foundation makes the grants for various health issues in America among the children and the grownups. It includes access to health care, childhood obesity, and training of the doctors and nurses to provide health care. Furthermore, the foundation involves itself in social and economic issues that are capable of affecting the health status of individuals which includes quality of housing, violence, poverty, and access to healthy foods.

As the foundation advanced its work and operations in healthcare provision, the committee came up with specific objectives and mission which were aimed at further improving the system in general and an overall transmission in the future. The committee plans for a future system that provides quality care to everyone all over America with the intention of promoting wellness and preventing diseases. Consequently, the health outcome will be improved. The foundation’s vision and aspiration are composed of the prevention of certain types of diseases all across the country and a provision of improved healthcare system that would enable the country’s individuals and citizens enjoy their freedom and safety in any state they reside on. The association between various professions and their operations was a major factor that would enable the achievement of the above activities.

The payment for healthcare services is set to specifically reward value and not the volume of services with quality care being provided at an affordable price all across the states. The state of the increasing healthcare expenditure in the states was projected to drop by a significant margin, since the healthcare system was at a normal functioning with the leadership and the associated professions at their best in performance. The latter indicates that the system is in full control by the desired management and leadership and the provision of various care to the public is certain and achievable through the delivery of patient care in centers.  

The Importance of the IOM

The Institute of Medicine has a recommendation that aims at incorporating the nurses all over America to have an advanced practice and understanding of the profession before they are subjected to the field. They are required to have attained full context of what they will be dealing with in the real situation to improve the healthcare system and the profession in general. It is proposed that they should be in a position to provide full attendance to the patients regardless of whether they are stationed beside patient’s beds or other advanced medical centers. Such an approach is important in the healthcare system since it will trigger improvements if incorporated into the system.

According to Upvall & Leffers (2014), the IOM advocates that nurses, recruited to attend  the patients all across the United States, should have a specifically high level of education and training in their various fields. This will enable a more accurate and improved system of health care since the nursing community will be based on professionals and qualified attendants.

The Role of State-Based Action Coalitions

The state action coalitions are the forces that keep the campaign moving, both at the state and local levels. Henceforward, a strong trail of different stakeholders working hand in hand to diversify and transform health care through nursing is formed. The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation promotes the state-based collaborations with other major coalitions in an attempt to advance the goals of future nursing. Researchers have revealed the connection that exists between a workforce and the quality patient management (Chaska, 2001). There was a reshuffling of the committee in control of the health care management through the campaign which was aimed at providing suitable guidance that could benefit the patients in need within the United States.

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The overall goal of the campaign, being the need to diversify the nursing workers all across the states, fully reflects the changing demographic and healthcare development of America, which contributes to the disparities and the ineffectiveness in healthcare management (Upvall & Leffers, 2014). Therefore, the campaign seeks to be inclusive regardless of the race of the individuals, their age, gender, ethnicity, ability, and geographic location within the United States. Hence, this is a way up in advancing the healthcare system and the future of nursing.

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