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June sultry heat made everyone move like a tortoise, and a single irresistible desire to breathe in a cool air feeling a light breeze captured people’s mind that tried to work hard during such weather in order to feed a family. However, the city was overcrowded with people from the whole world; dust covered the ground with a thick layer, cars were rushing with a breakneck speed, and boys were merrily riding their bicycles enjoying summer holidays and carelessness. Nevertheless, despite the turmoil that reigned everywhere, Tobie, John, and Mike had great plans for the future to change their lives as there were no limitations or barriers for them, because being young, strong, and full of hopes, the boys could cope with any difficulty they would encounter to escape from poverty that constrained their lives.

Tobie, John, and Mike were true friends since childhood and resembled each other very much; however, Tobie grew up in the street knowing nothing about his parents who could support him in a difficult situation or even give a piece of bread and care. The street and numerous adventures brought him up, and the most important rule he memorized for the entire life was never trust anyone except John and Mike, who were always ready to give their strong shoulders to help out the friend. However, Tobie, being full of life experience, was the main among them. It did not mean that he pointed out what to do, but a twenty-year old boy seemed to know something more than others having such traits of character that could prompt how to create the future and reach success going from rags to reaches. Tobie never lost his temper constantly keeping in his mind that “patience is the last key that opens doors” (The Little Prince Quotes n.p.), because he truly believed that it was never late to change life thanks to strength, health, and wit he mastered. On the other hand, Tobie did not speak and behave in an appropriate manner like other boys of his age from the upper class; the reason is that there was no such a clever person in his life, who could teach him all those minor things. He could rely only on himself not taking into account his friends, who called him “a kind, lone wolf” not due to his unusual character, but due to his ability to survive in the worst living conditions staying faithful and honest. Moreover, spending so much time together and being like brothers, at times, John and Mike had such a strange feeling that Tobie had some secret and was hiding something inside, but nobody could guess what actually it was. They never asked Tobie about it definitely knowing that Tobie was differed from others; something was happening in his soul, but there was no access to the innermost corners of Tobie’s heart.

Early that morning, Tobie, John, and Mike were directing to the sea, because they decided to go on a sea voyage to Africa as it was a so-called season to gather the sugar cane that could allow them to earn much money and get rid of the poverty they suffered. Everybody had his own dream: John and Mike passionately desired to run a business opening a workshop for car’s repair. They could not even imagine that a lone wolf Tobie wanted to buy a small house with a beautiful sea view, marry one pretty girl named Christi, and demonstrate his hidden talent of a painter.

Two hours later, young boys were sailing to meet new adventures in Africa without a slightest idea how dangerous it could be for them. Undoubtedly, God supported them all enabling them to see the world and earn enough money for the successful achievement of the set goals. Sailing for three months and working as ship boys, Tobie, John, and Mike got acquainted with one aristocrat, Jason MacGregory, who was a millionaire; he sailed to Africa to buy some land for further development of his business to plant sugar cane. It was a man in his fifties that seemed to have learnt life from the very beginning to the end as he could answer any question speaking very correctly, steadfastly, and having impeccable manners of a well-educated gentleman. Undoubtedly, Jason MacGregory belonged to that kind of men, who attracted people’s attention due to his evident intellect, deep knowledge, the ability to communicate with others, and great respect to his interlocutors. It was difficult to define exactly, but Tobie and MacGregory had something in common. The gentleman knew it since their first meeting on the ship, because he gradually began getting used to Tobie giving him the appropriate pieces of advice, teaching the needed manners the boy never possessed, and even attempting to help Tobie develop intellectually to make him a real personality. As for Tobie, it was obvious that he liked Jason MacGregory, who was for him as an example of the father Tobie did not know at all.

Working in Africa and returning back home in one year, Tobie became a he-man with new manners of a well-bread person who valued something more than money or success. Tobie loved MacGregory like a father who totally changed his thoughts making him strong enough to overcome any problem in life and being able to fulfill all his dreams. Moreover, Tobie bought a small house with a sea view as he wanted before leaving America and married one of the most charming girls he ever knew. Christi adored his husband and supported him in all his undertakings to become a painter. She was proud of Tobie and always persuaded him that one day he would become very famous in the whole world.

In two years, John and Mike managed to open their own workshop for the car’s repair and invited Tobie and Christie with their twins, Martin and Alice, to celebrate the opening of the workshop.

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