The Empire and the People Essay Sample

The Empire and the People

The history of the empire and the people in United States of America dates back from 1492 up to today. This was a national war (Zinn 316). It was in a nation that should relatively be referred to as an Empire. The empire was the American United States which was developing by then. During 1890s, the word imperialism was commonly used in America. According to business understanding, the word imperialism meant an opportunity to extend free market and enlarge business commerce. To laborers, imperialism was used to refer to a distraction from the actual issues of the laborers’ wants, while the government looked at imperialism as an opportunity to enhance the interest of America. Imperialism therefore had various meanings depending on different groups. Imperialism in the empire thus meant taking Cuba for the exchange of millions of dollars which the land and the trade provided; conquering Hawaii; pronouncing a vicious fight on the Philippines so to strengthen, enlighten and Christianize them

The interests of America shaped the imperialism as it is recognized presently. The people in the businesses of those days were interest in the benefits of potential economy. Billions of dollars were accounted in the economy of America through foreign trade. When the government intervened to sustain interest of America in the Cuba, it apprehended investments of millions of dollars. America thus does not only gained a sense to become stronger from imperialism but also appeared stronger. America developed to be the world largest trade market and hence resulted to be the world super power (Zinn 299-309).

The interest of the America did not remained as spectacular to the beneficially of the national intervention. The forceful end of the deal was received by the laborers. Though the laborers rebelled for many years, they received very little attention from the government. Many deaths resulted from the abuse of laborers, strikes and the factories but no attention was given to them (Zinn 307). With time, the efforts of laborers were lost. Laborers were no longer vital enough to be considered in the war against the Cuba. Though the employment and the wages increased, the rate of inflation increased too (Zinn 308).

McKinley, president regarded the America as the superior continent. As a result, McKinley saw it wise to extend the best fortunes of American interests to the Philippine nations. This was done through educating, civilizing and Christianizing Filipinos (Zinn 313). The sole purpose of the president’s vicious treatment for Philippine was to civilize the people. Though this idea was accepted by the public in America, the Philippines did not easily accept it. Initially, the United States faced revolts from Filipinos. Everything concerning the battle American deed, the case was twisted in favor of Americans hence the Filipinos paid the price. Paternalism and racism thus plagued the public in America (Zinn 313-314). Although the idea by McKinley was appropriate in early 19th century, today the decision is completely rejected by the Filipinos.

Imperialism opened a trading opportunity for America which a part from Britain, no other country has ever explored. It has also developed a sense of power for the people of America. Imperialism resulted to rise in both the inflation and jobs but Americans only saw the opportunities for new employment. As imperialism persisted, so did the paternalism and racism increased. Battle turned to be a significant factor for developing imperialistic outlook of the world as frequent as it does.

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