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Terrorism refers to threats or violence that is used to intimidate the people of a particular country for ideological, religious, or political reasons. For example, insubordination to authority may be the reason for terrorist acts (Jackson, 2011). Some terrorists do not care about their own lives as their main aim is to kill others and destroy property. Many American police departments do not conceptualize the threat of terrorism (Michaels, 2013). Therefore, many of them are not prepared fully for terrorist activities. American police departments should be accurate in detecting and preventing terrorist attacks, which occur unpredictably (Michaels, 2013). The main objective of this paper is to discuss the challenges faced by the members of local enforcement in conceptualizing terrorism.

American police officers have failed to spend enough time thinking of terrorist activities (Michaels, 2013). In the United States, many law enforcement agencies concentrate on other local issues such as robbery, murders, burglary, and illegal immigration, which are the most common criminal activities. Terrorism is not a common issue as compared to other criminal activities, but law enforcement agencies should pay a lot of attention to it. Unfortunately, many people lose their lives and properties once terrorism occurs. Another challenge is inability to notice most of the domestic terrorist acts (Michaels, 2013). Hundred of terrorist incidents have occurred since the September 11 terrorist attacks, but the law enforcement officers were not able to notice the subsequent terrorist incidents despite the strategies put in place (Shanahan, 2005). In America, terrorism developed tardily; beginning from 1982, terrorists started to target this country regularly.  However, the law enforcement officers do not perceive it as a significant issue.

In conclusion, terrorist incidents have become common in America, because the United States law enforcement officers face challenges in conceptualizing terrorism. The officers fail to spend enough time thinking of strategies to prevent terrorist attacks (Michaels, 2013). American police officers concentrate more on other criminal activities, which occur frequently. Inability to notice terrorist activities is one of the important challenges. American police officers have not perceived terrorism as extremely significant because it has developed tardily over years. America started to become a target of terrorism a few decades ago (Michaels, 2013).  

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