Reproduction in Livestock Essay Sample

Reproduction in Livestock

Livestock reproduction depicts an increase in livestock population. Livestock industries entirely depend on the livestock products as the inputs in the industry. Therefore, livestock reproduction is very important especially for the industries, which entirely depend on the livestock products in their operations, such as meat and milk industries. In fact, continuous livestock reproduction ensures continuous supply of inputs in the livestock industries. Livestock is, therefore, a significant source of input to the livestock industries. It means that an increase in livestock will increase a supply of inputs to the industries and result into high productivity and returns.

In my opinion, “natural mating” will soon become a concept of the past. With the help of modern technology, the new and improved methods of reproduction are increasingly used. Natural mating is slowly becoming a past concept as it is rarely used. In fact, if such a rapid development of technology continues, then natural mating will soon become an outdated concept of reproduction.

It should be mentioned that proper nutrition is very vital when it comes to reproduction of livestock. Livestock should be fed well with nutritious products. Thus, it will be healthy and more productive. Proper feeding also assists in protecting livestock from infections and, therefore, reduces the cost of keeping it. As a rule, proper nutrition increases the quantity and quality of livestock products supplied to the livestock industries. On the other hand, nutrition increases the rate of livestock reproduction. It should be noted that nutrients also increase the chances of mating. In addition, nutrition increases livestock productivity, including such products as milk. It is a common knowledge that milk is very essential for the fast growth and development of the young ones.

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