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Online Shopping

Online shopping refers to the process through which consumers buy services and goods from sellers in real-time over the Internet (Kurtz & Boone, 2010). This can take place through a virtual store, an online shop, web shop, online store, or Internet shop. In the recent years, online shopping has been extremely common because many people can be able to afford Internet across the world. The products that people can shop over the Internet include clothing, airline tickets, videos, computers, among others. Business firms can co-ordinate various marketing activities, including product development, market research, as well as inform clients about customer feedback, promotion, and product features through online marketing (Underhill, 2009). However, some factors, such as lack of privacy, credit-card fraud, and non-delivery risk, may discourage consumers from online shopping. This argumentative paper will consider convenience, security, visually enticing, and contact information as the qualities of a well designed online store, which encourage consuming behavior.

Online stores should have customer friendly websites that are extremely convenient to online clients. Convenient online stores operate twenty-four hours every day for clients to purchase products at their own convenient time (Kurtz & Boone, 2010). The website for an online store should offer a feature that will allow clients to compare colors, qualities, and prices of various products. An online store should allow clients to return products from the shopping cart to the store within a short time. The links and tabs of an online store’s website should load easily without consuming much time. An appealing website should have optimized graphics and images because they contribute to the size of web pages (Underhill, 2009). Appropriate compression and optimization of images will lead to a website loads requests within a short time (Kurtz & Boone, 2010). This will allow clients to access a variety of products, add the products to the shopping cart, and pay within few minutes. An online store should also allow clients to pay for products through a variety of alternatives, including MasterCard, PayPal, Visa, among others. A client will decide on the cheapest and most convenient alternative to use. Online chatting is another feature that an online store’s website should have to help clients seek assistance within a short time (Kurtz & Boone, 2010). Therefore, convenient online stores will encourage many clients to visit their websites and do as much shopping as possible.

Online stores should ensure that clients are secure from fraudsters, who target information on the clients’ credit cards and MasterCard. The websites of online stores should inspire confidence with online shoppers for shoppers to feel free using their credit cards (Underhill, 2009). Many clients do not feel confident submitting their credit cards when they are not comfortable with the online stores. Therefore, they click the BACK button and look for an alternative online store that guarantees security. Secured online transaction that involve credit card and other online payment alternatives will decrease transaction risk and increase customer trust. Customers will continue revisiting the websites of online stores that provide maximum security to their private information, especially credit card and MasterCard information (Kurtz & Boone, 2010).

Online stores with visually enticing websites will encourage customer behaviors of online shoppers (Underhill, 2009). A professional website design for an online store will keep customers on the website for long, encourage them to inform their friends about the online stores, as well as encourage customers to visit the websites repeatedly (Underhill, 2009). The text should be readable, and colors should contrast well. For instance, many people strain reading a white text on a black background. Lots of text may discourage online shoppers due to lack of enough time to go through the whole text (Kurtz & Boone, 2010). The website design should not be overcrowded, but just a simple and effective website. Therefore, a simple and attractive website design will have a positive impact on the consuming behavior of clients.

A website design with contact information will have a positive impact on the consuming behavior. Websites without contact information will be frustrating for clients because of the inability to contact the online stores (Underhill, 2009). Clients may want to contact the online store for services or commodities, as well as discuss various partnership opportunities. An online store should provide fax and phone numbers because the provision of only email addresses may not make the online store credible (Kurtz & Boone, 2010). A website that contains full contact information will instill confidence in clients and make the website trustworthy. Apart from the contact information, a website may also have the feature for online chatting to allow for a dialogue between clients and customer representatives (Kurtz & Boone, 2010). Therefore, clients will feel secure to pay for services and commodities using credit cards. Customers will inform others about the trustworthy online store and visit the website repeatedly.

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In conclusion, online shopping will be possible when the website designs for online stores have the ability to encourage consuming behavior. An appealing website design should be convenient, secure, visually enticing and have contact information (Kurtz & Boone, 2010). Customers will visit an appealing website frequently because of trusting the online store. A website should not consume most the clients’ time when shopping for a single item (Underhill, 2009). A convenient website can enable a client to shop for many services and commodities within a short time. Websites should ensure that clients’ crucial information is secure from fraudsters (Kurtz & Boone, 2010). Online stores should also have a visually attractive appearance to entice clients. Websites should have contact information, which will allow clients to make inquiries before making informed decisions.

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