Obama Budget Opens Rift for Democrats on Social Benefits Essay Sample

Obama Budget Opens Rift for Democrats on Social Benefits

Calmes, J. (2013). Obama budget opens rift for democrats on social benefits

The New York Times published an  article “Obama Budget Opens Rift for Democrats on Social Benefits” by Calmes, who explains Obama’s budgetary allocation in what he considers to be cost-saving alterations in the fastest growing US programs domestically. Some of the democrats believe that this is progressive instead of merely permitting the entitlement programs for the aging Americans to engulf the entire budget in the nearest future. Such a move by the president is, however, not welcomed by republicans.

Obama is viewed as the one to be revolving around the democrats’ pillars of social security and healthcare. The budget set by the president that coupled with the reduction of deficits by cutting spending and imposing more tax to stir the economy and projects, is what has spirited the controversy as discussed in the article. Obama’s budgetary allocations have been carefully analyzed from the time he became president in 2008, most significantly, on the issue of social welfare. The efficacy of the president is simply not felt by all members in the congress house and house representatives.

This article discusses how political pillars within a country oppose one another in an effort to find a compromise that will work for everyone. The government is always put under checks by the opposition. This is considered to be a healthy relationship when dealt with in good faith. While the ruling party has the mandate to implement its manifesto, the opposition can be very useful in making sure no harm is done at the expense of the general public. This affects me as a citizen because the result of the debate on this issue is going to determine my spending on the services provided by the government. My opinion on this news is that political rivalry can produce good results if taken positive and should not be seen as disrespectful or a dishonor. 

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