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America developed and grew because of the contribution of several cultural groups and historical events. World history states that different cultural groups such as the Chinese and the Jews were among those that contributed towards the growth and development of the USA economy. However, these cultural groups encountered one barrier throughout their attempts to make it in the USA. They lacked freedom and equal rights as compared to the white society whom they worked for as slaves. They tried to use and dedicate their best efforts to develop better working and living environments for the entire society. Despite the fact that the dominant white society discriminated them, they remained determined to make a difference in history. The public argued that when different individuals dedicate their efforts positively, they deserve acceptance from other cultural groups (Adam 1).

Thesis Statement

This paper analyses the experiences of different cultural groups in America during immigration and their contributions towards the economical status of America. The ideas and efforts of different cultural groups during immigration contributed highly towards the stability of the economy of America.

In comparison to the immigration period in the USA, America currently hosts mixed cultures and even though it faces some challenges such as lack of job opportunities and natural disasters occasionally, with the foundation that the immigration process set, it is bearable for non-Americans to create better ideas for growth and development. The experiences of immigrants may have been worse and traumatizing but their remarkable influence on the economy of America still guides many organizations into creativity and dedication. During Immigration, many foreigners kept coming to America illegally because of the poor living conditions in their homes only to encounter worse situation in the care of the white society. This is because they had to work for acceptance in the society, some as peasants and others as slaves. Despite the difference in their cultural beliefs and traditional practices, they were able to share ideas and attitudes towards gaining the acceptance of the white society. Even though they had no freedom to exercise their traditional beliefs, they still had determination to make it in America and so they endured the sufferings (Augustine 39-48).

While they put in their best efforts, they still had to create something unique and so they fought for their freedom and equal rights through contributing ideas and labor for the growth of existing organizations during immigration. The economy of America rose because of the creativity of foreign slaves, for example, most foreigners had higher experience in agricultural activities and fabric designing. Through their ideas, agricultural farms and fabric design companies made new inventions that caused the white society to embrace other cultures. Unlike the immigration period, mixed cultures currently live and work in America without having to worry about how the white society will treat them. The immigration period changed many people’s lives, cultures and traditions all over the world. This is because despite facing problems such as racism, pathetic living and working conditions, and violence, foreigners still used their talents and strengths for the good of America. In addition to this, some agricultural organizations promoted white individuals while foreigners brought in more sales through better projects and ideas (Augustine 39-48).

While the white society controlled and manipulated other cultural groups during immigration, they eventually lost their power and charm over foreigners. This was because of the projects and ideas other cultural groups brought that gained them recognition and freedom As well as rights in the white society. For this reason, they had the opportunity to prove themselves not just to the white society but also to the entire world. Through this act of acceptance, today mixed cultures have gained access to America and others continue to learn about various cultures. The introduction of other cultures to the white society had a notable impact on the Western culture, religion, politics and traditions, which caused activities such as intermarriages and interdenominational routines. People who live and work in America imitate all cultures because they have learnt to embrace the western culture as well as foreign culture, and learn more about them. It is through these cultures that America as a state grows rapidly both economically and socially (Aarim-Heriot 23-28).

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However, despite all these there was still a barrier to the complete freedom of mixed cultures blending in well in the white society. This was because of the educational background that was not upgraded. For this reason, mixed cultures still face lack of employments because the white society still consider them under-educated for higher working conditions. Only individuals who have attained higher levels of education can access employment opportunities especially in big recognized organizations. This has set a high level of expectations from individuals and employees because everyone is after gaining qualifications. While it is a positive fact in America because it causes youths to consider education, it discriminates the poor and average people who cannot afford education. Religiously, America has developed diverse religions that people prefer, for example Buddhism from the Chinese and Japanese immigrants, Christianity and Catholicism from the Jewish immigrants, and Islamic from Asian immigrants. Politically, people’s view in America changed to having more practices that are democratic (Alan 1).

In conclusion, immigration period played a major role in the development and growth of America. Through the experiences of different cultural groups and the attitudes of the white society, America became the most recognized state in the world map. This was because immigration taught the people of America to embrace and accept all cultures into their home. Through their hard work and dedication to the demands of the white society, foreigners were able to gain acceptance and sense of belonging so that they afforded proper living and working conditions among the white society. Even though racism remains an issue of concern in America, a bigger number of people have learnt to live with mixed cultures all over the world. This way, with several ideas and projects, the economy of America can remain unbeatable in the history of the world. Ethnicity and race remain fundamental factors that play major roles in the success of the immigration process. 

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