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Drone Strikes

Reliance on robotic warfare has escalated from the reign of Bush to that of Obama. This has brought a lot of controversy within the administration. On the other hand, using drake strike has resulted in death of innocent civilians and has awoken further hatred towards the US. This is because United States Government has conducted very many attacks on targets in North Western Pakistan and Yemen since 2004. On the other hand, the use of drone strikes has contributed to disrupting terrorists’ attacks and militants’ networks and involving no American casualties. This presents more controversies among individual supporters.  Use of drone strike is a good move but of course, it has its shortcomings like killings of innocence people, polarizing the security of United State as a whole and her citizen and also economy attack to the affected countries. (Bowen 3).

First of all, drones are aircrafts that are either controlled by pilots from the ground or a pre-programmed mission. Drones fall into two categories including those used for surveillance and reconnaissance purposes and those armed with missiles and bombs. The United States has predator drones in Afghanistan and Iraq, which are controlled via satellite from Creech and Nellis USAF base outside Las Vegas, Nevada. Many people prefer to use drones rather than ground troops because they potentially minimize the number of deaths in American armies. In addition to this, no ground troop is required to fight Al Qaeda targets and its affiliates. In addition to this, it is cost effective because many soldiers are used in the war; hence there are no casualties because only professionals who are not at war operate drones. The absence of casualties lowers medical bills and payment of health insurance as well as catering for families whose loved ones die at war. The drones used to bomb Al Qaeda bases through targeted attacks also weaken their strengths and those of their affiliates (Bowen 44).

For Americans, the use of drones may turn out to be a thing to rejoice about or view positive because it has extremely weakened Al Qaeda’s strong points and its affiliates. However, there are also negative impacts involved with using drones. The first negative effect is that, in an attempt to destroy Al Qaeda bases using drones, many innocent civilian and citizens were killed in the incident in Yemen. The result of this was strong hatred towards the affected American people, and determination to revenge. For this reason, they are recruiting their own people to teach them techniques of revenge against Americans. Through their determination, they have acquired their own drones for the revenge mission. With the same spirit, Americans’ mission to eradicate Al Qaeda in Yemen only created a war ground because their fight not only involved Al Qaeda but Yemen as well. All these factors will in turn affect security of the United State because they are exposed to attacks at any time without knowledge of where and whom their enemies will target (Dilan 1).

Another core reason is that, Governments and citizens of countries such as Yemen and Afghanistan ignore important issues such as development, education, and health and instead focus on security issues that affect their people. This portrays how the Governments of the affected countries such as Yemen, Afghanistan and Pakistan has ignored the subject of development and kept it pending and now most of their concentration is on inventions of new and powerful weapons and supporting the recruits so that they can produce professionals. On the other hand, the Government of the United States has not considered significant issues affecting citizens of the target countries and the government who are the victims and who suffer most during the attacks. This is because when the country loses innocent people to attacks brings out negative effects such as low life expectancy, some children are left orphans, women are left widows and men are left widower. All this leads to poor economic growth because the end results leads to most of people being dependent on governments (Dilan 1).

The last and not the least negative effect is that, the use of drones to strike the targets has made Al Qaeda and its affiliates become more innovative in that they seek to invent new, unique, and more powerful weapons and techniques. This means many countries have started inventing drones, especially the Al Qaeda. This creates tension between different groups because every group wants to own and use powerful weapons. The choice of the United States Government to use drones has weakened their target’s strong points, but on the contrary this has challenged Al Qaeda and its affiliates to find other ways to develop better weapons that are powerful and similar to drones and to skillfully train more people for their wars. This means that instead of ending the war, they have begun another round of war. They continue to find reasons to fight, and without proper understanding between these two groups, the war is likely to continue because they will always target each other and plot for revenge missions. The main point here is that, on their revenge missions their only target will be United States. Their target can be individual or a mass of people. The end result here is that, this will polarize the Unites States’ security because the people who may have feelings that they may be among the target will be in fear and again the opposition may attack anyone during their revenge mission (Bowen 45).

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While the use of drones may weaken strong points of Al Qaeda by demolishing their bases where they recruit their people and manufacture their weapons, this does not stop the constant war. Many people are recruited and trained each day, and new innovators are coming up. This is mainly because they want to take revenge on behalf of their beloved ones, especially those who succumbed to drone strikes. Additionally, instead of the economy of affected countries growing and stabilizing, such countries continue to suffer with their economy completely shuttered. This is because people who contribute to the economy are killed, and all sectors that contribute to economic growth like agriculture, healthcare, education, and infrastructure are affected by the attacks. All this demonstrates that United States Government is applying short-term solutions to long-term problems (Lamb & Rahimullah 28).

All the above reasons conclude that, the United States Government has made an effort to solve the issues that affect Middle East countries using drones but on the contrary, this method has a lot of negative outcomes. This is because, in their effort to weaken the strengths of Al Qaeda many people have died, new recruits are on their mission for revenge and it is like there is a forth world war between the countries because all the victim countries have the capability of manufacturing very powerful weapons. Additionally, this has made them to withdraw the attention from economy improvement and has put more focus on the revenge matters but improving technologies on weapon design and manufacture (Lamb & Rahimullah 28).

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