Difficulties of an Unemployed Veteran Essay Sample

Difficulties of an Unemployed Veteran

The word ‘veteran’ comes from the Latin word ‘vetus’ and means ‘old’. A veteran, therefore, is a person who has experienced or served in a given field or occupation for a long period. The most recognized representatives are military veterans. They have had direct exposure to military conflicts. Even though these individuals have the required experience in any occupation, they face the challenge of unemployment. The percentage of those unemployed rises yearly in America. In some places, the unemployment rate declines but in the other remains constant or increases, for example in Afghanistan and Iraq. Most veterans possess hardened skills and unique abilities such as working under fire. The reason is tough training they undergo to prepare themselves for their duties. Due to the uniqueness of their abilities and skills, most veterans are never willing to transfer their expertise to other civilian jobs. For this reason, no matter how many job offers they get, they are never enthusiastic about accepting them (Tarantino 1).

In the history of America, the rate of unemployment among new young veterans between the ages of 18 to 24 has increased by 10% over the last two decades but decreased by more than 5% since the year 2012. Taking into consideration this statistics, in reality veterans stand higher chances of getting employment than civilians but that does not prove to be the case when they are in search of jobs. According to the US Nation Time Magazine, critics do not want to acknowledge the fact that while other civilians are landing good job opportunities, veterans are struggling to get employment yet they possess far more experience and skills, which means logically they should be the first priority for employers during employee hunting. Among the many hiring companies in the U.S., 20 of them cater for federal agencies and military personnel, meaning they try to retain and hire a bigger percentage of veterans due to the requirements of job duties (Bello 1).

In addition to this, security firms such as Homeland Security Services that require maximum experience in their job descriptions also prefer to recruit veterans. That is the reason why the employment rate has increased by 5% over the last few years. Consequently, young veterans have been lucky enough to land the few vacancies. These companies’ need for more employees that caused marginal employment success was due to the improved economy in the U.S. The reversal in the employment sector of veterans is evident when veteran leaders acknowledge the efforts of the Congress, White House, labor unions and several communities to help members of this group acquire jobs. Through these efforts, community projects have been developed to offer training to those unemployed with a perspective to aid them in becoming suitable for any job description after acquiring training skills and having previous experience. The gap in the employment charts for different professions will continue to grow in the veteran chart if there are still a lot of lay-offs. The reason is that more employers seek to hire disciplined employees in terms of time management and accuracy due to following instructions. Apparently, this is a unique quality that only young veterans would posses. The only barrier would be a lack of experience in that particular field (Bello 1).

In other cases, fire fighting companies would also want to hire veterans owing to their ability to stand fire hence saving people’s lives. They say it makes logical sense to hire veterans because they already possess the most important qualities except for official and basic training in fire fighting, hence resulting to less time and efforts taken during hiring. Naturally, people who have encountered traumatic experiences and overcome them with positive attitudes in the future tend to handle post-traumatic stress very well. It means that with veteran among the employees only a minority will suffer post-traumatic job stress because they will have people to guide and help them handle it. The reason is that these veterans have been tested time and again in the most horrifying situations where they had to survive and win no matter the conditions. Many employers do not understand how the expertise of veterans would benefit them in terms of being assets to their companies. For this reason, they remain cautiously optimistic that they will somehow gain from veterans’ performance when employing them (Beucke 1).

Therefore the community has only one effective option, namely community-based support projects. The initiation of such projects will engage contributions of every person and will create employment opportunities not only for veterans but civilians as well. As a consequence, even older veterans between the ages of 45 and 54 who have almost reached the retirement age and do not get consideration during job hunting will get to perform their duties and contribute towards ensuring the success of these projects. Apart from the legal barrier that prevents veterans from performing military duties, nothing else stops them from working well to make a difference in their duties. With hard work and excellent performance they are able to meet the civilian license requirements. While this barrier proves to be the most challenging factor for veterans in the employment sector, with realistic expectations and understanding of the civilian world of job requirements they can give excellent performance like other civilians (Biggs 1).

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In conclusion, veterans are people who are distinguished for the skills and experience they acquired from their training. Therefore, in reality veterans have higher chances of getting employment than civilians but that does not work while they apply for jobs. Despite the legal barrier that prevents them from giving their best in performance, veterans can alternatively dedicate themselves to performing their best so that other companies will find reasons to employ them. Apart from this, their commitment towards ensuring the success of the community-based support projects will determine their chances to break the legal barrier so veterans can find employment opportunities like civilians.

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