Communication and Relationship Essay Sample

Communication and Relationship

Communication and relationships are important aspects of human life. There are different types of Relationships: friendship, intimate relationship and family. Different people vary in their views about the most important type of relationships in their lives. This was proven by a research among college students by Bercheid et al. (1989). “Roughly about a half identified a romantic partner (47%).About a third chose friendship (36%).Most of the rest cited a family member” (384). Communication plays a major role in the success of the different types of relationship, and is used in each type, just as the author says “several dimensions of communication in friendship” (385)

In families, there are various ways in which communications occurs: conformity -based and conversation- based. In conformity based, a family stresses similarity in the values and beliefs whereas in conversation-based, all the family members have the freedom to express their views on different issues. Some families are pluralistic whereby the communication is highly based on conversation and lowly in conformity. This bestows a sense of independence in all the family members and their views and attitudes to different topics are respected.

Communication involves how people pass information to each other either by words or deeds. The success of the relationship can be measured by determining, how efficient the communication in the relationship is. The significance of the different relationship varies among people and determination for the success of each type depends on, how determined are friends, lovers or a family in communicating. 

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