Health Care Reform Implementation Essay Sample

Health Care Reform Implementation

Background Introduction

Health care reforms have progressed positively and impeccably in the state of Ohio. The Affordable Care Act, in the new health reforms, has made access to healthcare more affordable to the people. In addition to it being more accessible, this Act provides better quality of care. The improvement became available through the programs of health insurance marketplace. These structures provide the locals with the option of joining a healthcare program that is affordable to them.

Ohio has undergone several progressive changes in health care provision. One of such changes has been the new Ohio Medicaid system, which has helped the state to save over $1.9 of taxpayer’s money (The Henry J. Keiser Family Foundation, 2016). The funds saved in the program have been channeled to address the issue of uninsured people, reducing the rate into half, while maintaining financial sustainability. Besides, the patient-centered medical home design team has been critical in ensuring that stakeholders of health care sector unite in their efforts to guarantee that primary care services are rewarded and motivated to offer better services. The establishment of the Office of Health Transformation under the oversight of Governor John Kasich has also worked to reform nursing facility payment and integrating Medicaid and the Medicare merits.

The package also provides consumers with the possibility of having access to a particular tax credit in monthly marketplace rates. The state of Ohio increased medical plans options to choose from for health care subscribers in health coverage programs. Wider options and healthcare applications projects have also been availed covering areas that were previously neglected by the pre-reforms structures. For example, customers can now have the ability to apply for life changes in several special enrollment period provisions due to issues such as marriage and divorce (Ohio Department of Insurance, 2016). Having a baby or incidents, such as the loss of other subscribed coverage, are also now acknowledged in the children’s health care insurance program.

One thing these reforms have achieved in Ohio has been the reduction of the number of uninsured individuals in the state. One can, therefore, say that the health care reform implementation in Ohio has been effective. As a result, more people are now covered, and health care quality has improved as the state can get enough funds to run the health care programs from the subscriptions. The significant impact these reforms have had on community health is the improvement of the general society wellness and attention. For now, communities in Ohio are more informed about their health and the ways to stay fit. Consequently, issues such as obesity have been addressed as more people can assess the benefits of healthy living.

On the other hand, the medical fraternity such as the attending community health officers and nurses has been able to gain critical insights concerning the state of the local public. Since more people visit the health care facilities, the medical fraternity can collaboratively note, research, diagnose, and treat conditions and diseases resulting from such locally concentrated issues. Therefore, the new reforms have enhanced cooperative professional work in the medical field.

Effects of Economic on Health Care

Economics affect health care in several ways either for better or worse. For example, the recession means that many people lose their jobs and the source of income and are unable to afford the health coverage. When the unemployment rate escalates, the percentage of uninsured individuals  rises as well in almost the same proportion. Falling revenue rates lead to a fall in the demand for the elective care and people are unable to pay their medical care bills. The state then spends more money on welfare programs and those unable to reach it experience poor health care status.

 Therefore, it is possible to claim authoritatively that there is a direct correlation between the employment and wage rates, and the access of healthcare in the country. Those with better-paying jobs are, as a result, almost always able to obtain quality and fast medical care. It is noteworthy that the current condition of the economy in the country influences on the amount of national government and federal spending. Thus, the budget allocation to health care sector is reduced when a nation is facing some more critical issues such as in times of economic depression and war (Nies & McEwen, 2014). It is also important to note that even though the state of Ohio provides affordable care, the national prevailing economic wage policy, that affects doctors and hospital attendant, is a threat. More health officers such as nurses are likely to seek employment in private sectors, other states, or even other countries if the local compensation fees do not favor them.

In conclusion, health care reforms in Ohio have affected considerably the lives of  people living in the state. Naturally, the standard of health care provided has improved, and the quality of medical care provided to the members of the public refined to the same extent. More people are now able to have affordable medical care insurance as the fees for the same have been significantly reduced. It is conspicuous that the introduced health care insurance packages have broader options regarding choosing those subscriptions that best suit one’s lifestyle and the income level. At the present, healthier lifestyle is being experienced as people receive better health counseling and medical care support timely. The link between economy and health care, however, remains with the dynamics of employment  and wage rates fluctuation being felt in the rising and falling insurance subscriptions percentage.

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