Ethics Statement Essay Sample

Ethics Statement

Professional ethics guides people in carrying out their work with integrity (Mutel and Donham, 2005). With regard to relationships with the community, healthcare practitioners should be able to identify the healthcare needs of members of the society. Equal treatment should be provided to all without discrimination or bias. Also, in the operation of healthcare, all partnerships should be openly disclosed and take it up with self to ensure no medical malpractices are carried out.

With regard to interactions with patients, healthcare professionals must ensure that on admission, the patient clearly understands their rights and what is expected of them. A system should be in place that ensures patients are treated under a safe environment (Margaret, 2007). This improves the quality of care provided and prevents accidents and harm that could result from unsafe environments.

Healthcare staff should be offered a supportive and conducive working environment. (Henderson, et al., 2005.) Staff should ensure continued commitment in attending to patients. Moreover, they should carry out their duties diligently. Staff recruitment should be based on qualifications and merit since quality service delivery depends competent individuals.

According to Dorgan (2005), integrity is an important ethical virtue in the healthcare sector. Areas where ethical virtues are essential include billing and marketing services. All services offered directly to the patients should be of high quality. Inappropriate gifts should not be accepted and should be kindly turned down.

Attention to details is a core value in the healthcare sector (Luepker, 2003). This eliminates careless mistakes that can arise from careless medical mistakes. Nothing should be of greater importance because without care avoidable deaths will occur.

Professional ethics must be adhered in order to ensure honest delivery of services and achievement of results that will reflect ones’ goodwill, diligence and integrity (Chadwick, Have and Meslin, 2011).

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