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Guanlan Zhongxue School

Education is a process of transference of human experience, knowledge, and skills aimed at the development of a new generation being ready to engage in social life. The educational process mostly encompasses schoolchildren, adolescents, and young adults. Broadly speaking, education contributes to an increase in knowledge and skills of the population and bears the influence of national, ideological, and moral character. School education consists of professional personnel and specialized agencies, which, by means of social activities, make an objective, systematic, and organized impact on students’ physical and mental development. In particular, various schools provide an acceptable range of educational activities and serve to satisfy the need for education. Among them, there is Shenzhen Guanlan Zhongxue, which is a brilliant middle school and a representative of the educational sphere. It promotes education with the federal tradition of continuous development and adheres to the notion of education in the full extent. Furthermore, it forms modern, socially adapted individuals with a set of all the necessary qualities for not only qualified employees but also people who keep up with the times. Therefore, this essay aims at providing a deep analysis and description of Guanlan Zhongxue School.

The place of Guanlan Zhongxue location is an old town situated on the picturesque riverside with pleasant surroundings, gorgeous landscapes, and fertile lands. The school has a long history and profound cultural accumulation, which date back to the beginning of the 20th century. Thus, one can definitely consider it one of the few secular schools, which took the hard way of becoming a model of the educational institution. In the year of its foundation, 1914, it was a small village school but has eventually developed into a well-known educational establishment where the outstanding people study and grow. Firstly, it was called Yongxiu Primary School, formerly known as Zheng Neng School, one of the three Bainianlaoxiao in Shenzhen, Longhua District.

In 1948, Mr. Song ziwen, an outstanding politician from the nationalist Party described Zhengneng School as "excellence that comes from ages." After more than one hundred years of history with numerous difficulties, the school developed to the cradle of knowledge, adhering to the motto, "Strive for Academic Excellence. Cultivate a Creative Student Body". The school continues to grow and develop constantly. Nowadays, it is a center of educational resources and possesses distinctive characteristics of a prosperous modern full secondary school. In 1993, it got the name “Shenzhen Guanlan Middle School” (Shenzhen Guanlan Zhongxue).

Guanlan Zhongxue is one of the educational legends, moving step-by-step to be a real example for others. Throughout its existence, the school received numerous awards. They include "China’s Characteristic Educational Model Base", "National Environmental Education Model Base", "Green School of Guangdong Province", "Guangdong Province Modern Education Technology Experimental School", "Shenzhen Secure and Civilized Campus", and "Shenzhen Sunny Sports Advanced School". In 2007–2012, five years in a row, the school received the award as "Shenzhen College Entrance Examination Advanced School". Furthermore, in November 2008, the school was named "Baoan or Longhua District Junior Teaching Management Advanced Unit". Moreover, in 2009, it received the title of “Outstanding College Entrance Exam in Shenzhen City”. Finally, in September 2012, it won "Shenzhen Running-a-school Efficiency Awards”.

However, the educating process is impossible without strong technical, material resources and the necessary infrastructure elements. Nowadays, the school has more than 78 000 square kilometer area, 23 000 of which is the construction area. The green area, where various plants grow, comprises 39 000. Longhua District committed to playing a model star in the integration of education and demonstration area and re-planning of the layout of the campus as well as high standards. One should also pay attention to the fact that local elites, wealthy people, and parents of students had given many significant ideas considering the development of the school. The high quality of the result at any stage requires a constant search for the best available techniques and improvements. Thus, currently, Guanlan Zhongxue renovation and expansion project has been started and the conceptual design has been completed. The school has fully equipped teaching facilities, classrooms, and function rooms created to meet the basic needs of teaching. Moreover, it possesses a network center with extensive applications of information technology, digital campus construction, campus yard, sports grounds, and music halls, among others.

After the hard work in the classroom and a variety of thorough research, students can have a rest on the school grounds. There, the relaxing park zones with a variety of simple and elegant flowers and plants creates a peaceful atmosphere. Cultural enrichment created by regularly updated paintings in Exhibition Hall and the performances of the school orchestra band allows students to distract a little from their studies and just enjoy the art or stay in comfortable apartments.

School student apartments include standardized 35 male and 29 female dormitories, each of which can accommodate nearly 600 persons. In 2011, the school provided heavily renovated student apartments. In particular, in all dormitories, the beds were replaced with new wooden ones and air conditioning was installed. On the first floor of the building where student apartments are situated, there is school canteen, which can provide 1,000 meals.

To achieve all of the results mentioned previously, the school needed a friendly, well-organized team, which is working for the good of the common cause. The personnel comprises 252 school staff members, including 14 members of the administration, mainly the headmaster and vice headmasters, 219 full-time teachers, 3 special-grade teachers, 60 senior teachers, and 87 first-grade teachers. Furthermore, the school staff members’ key characteristics are noble morality, honesty, solid business, diligence, the fine style of work, hard work, and high quality.

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Nowadays, the school has 54 classrooms with 3361 students, including 1539 elementary school and secondary school pupils and 1822 high school students. All of them are hardworking and thorough in their studying, interested in researching and have positive attitudes. The general administrative system of the school has 20 headquarters of administrations, including the principal, the first secretary of the party, two vice-principals, and directors of 17 different departments. All of them are honest, diligent, pragmatic, and united.

Guanlan Zhongxue pays significant attention to the quality of teaching. Teaching performance increases steadily by different means. In addition, the results of the college entrance examination are constantly changing and improving, hence making more competitive environment and forming standards to which students should adhere. For example, by the middle of 2015, the undergraduate online rate has risen and reached 59%. Nearly a hundred of graduates apply to the best universities of China, such as Zhongshan University, Jinan University, South China University of Technology, Hunan University, China University of Geosciences, and other prestigious establishments. In 2010 and 2011, Chen Daoqi and Wujin Wang were two students admitted to Tsinghua University with honors.

One can characterize Guanlan Zhongxue as a people-oriented institution as it does not focus on the development of the student's lifelong educational philosophy of leadership. Therefore, Guanlan Zhongxue creates comprehensive special educational forms. In particular, there are numerous festivals and performances held, including reading, sports, English, art, and photography festivals. Moreover, the school organizes education and competitions in taekwondo. Finally, Guanlan Zhongxue provides special musical education and students can engage in orchestra performances.

People think this school is the best school in Guanlan. Thus, parents with their children try to apply to Guanlan Zhongxue when they have to make a choice because they understand the history and opportunities the school provides. The parents and older people, who attended this school, know the school environment, teachers’ capabilities, and reputation. The popularity of this school makes it number one in the list of the educational establishments. However, the children can also select a few more schools.

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Despite the fact that the school currently has a high quality of work, it has a number of problems, which impede the development and slightly understate ratings to some extent. The first drawback is large hardware gap. Trying to meet the needs and the increased demand of the society, the school formed a significant gap in the proportion of the number of classes with the latest equipment. Therefore, it affects the rate of the development of the school.

In addition, there are young teachers, who have inadequate educational experience. Although they have strong knowledge, the disproportionate level of such teachers’ experience affects the overall assessment and reputation of the school. Finally, teachers and educators are not motivated enough; hence, their happiness index is low.

Summing up, one can confidently say that in spite of the existing problems and the intense pace of the development of modern society, the school does not stop to achieve new victories and achievements. It continues to disclose the concept of education and transmits an irreplaceable experience and valuable knowledge to young students. The great team of hard working teachers and already well-enough developed material and constructional base contribute to the achievement of the school’s goals. Therefore, in this particular situation, the existing problems seem to be nothing as compared to the more than hundred years’ experience of this educational establishment.

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