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Hotel Marketing Plan


The Riverview Hotel is located at Newtown in America. The hotel is a diplomat of the five star brands in the Exclusive Business Hotel in the world group. All Riverview Hotels are properties of boutique, providing a range of 25 to 35 exclusive rooms. The properties of Riverview are famous for the strategic and convenient site within the main towns across the country. The hotels are identical with then brand that provide a high standard of hotel services to the guest visitors and the extensive range of an inclusive business services readily available in luxury settings. The Riverview Hotel in Newtown in America has 35 fashionable rooms and focuses on the corporate visitors with a range of two to three night stay needs. Focus business division involves then sector of IT, because of the closeness of the hotel to the Silicon Hill, USA, an automotive company. The hotel also takes advantage of an automotive firm to capitalize the strategic site of the hotel in respect to the Overall Motors Firm and headquarter in the Newtown and the guest on travel to attend the national and global travel fares undertaken at the Newtown Exhibition Halls. Through differentiating business service varieties provided by the Riverview Hotel from those of competitors, assists the hotel to frequently attract business travelers who needs a high standard level of hotel services and recognition compared to what is provided by the other competitors in fiver star hotels in Newtown. This gives the Riverview an opportunity to leverage its main competencies in relation to hotel services provided to the business travelers in a luxurious setting. 


Riverview Hotel is rated among the five star hotels which forms the world’s group Exclusive Business Hotel, having above 320 fully owned and managed assets. The five star hotels specialize in inhabiting strategic, inner town sites and serving chiefly corporate customers. The Riverview assets range from three to five stars besides categories which involve the following brands; 3 River Inns, 4 Riverview Hotels and River 5 Post Houses. The group incorporates an instance of similar business all over its brands, specifically in the Riverview Hotels assets which account for over 68% of the entire income of the group.

The Riverview Hotel, Newtown, USA is highly dependent on clients contracted annually from the business travelling activities, information technology sectors and Silicon Hill automotive industry besides the hotel’s guaranteed night rooms. This business area accounts for about 70% of the total revenue gathered.

The present trade area is somewhat depressed because of the down turn of the economy and business travel restrictions made on made on the corporate travel in the United States of America. However, this critical threat on the corporate business sector is considered as a short term issue since there is a great hope for the business travel to resume. Riverview Hotel, however has retained its target of providing an exemplarily hotel services at reasonable rates with aim of creating a friendly relationship with customers.

The Riverview Hotel has dramatically reduced the rates for the competitive room with the aim of attracting more visitors during the summer season. The hotel existence in the present environment highly depends on guaranteed annual corporate business contracts and the loyalty of then consumer to the brand. The brand should therefore keep providing on its values and promise. The Riverview Hotel is therefore a luxury hotel which seeks to uplift the standards by providing visitors with a quality cosmopolitan hotel setting different from any other hotel found at Newtown in America. Customer service, aesthetics and luxury are the seals of the Riverview Hotel.


Every visitor to the Riverview Hotel is expectant of a beautiful and high quality services from the picture they saw on the media they got the information. Nevertheless, they are impressed at very initial time by the staff attentiveness inclusive of the frequently asked question on how they can be helped to their stay better. Beyond the quality service to customers, the visitor receives a delightful reward in the room every evening of the stay. Visitors leave the Riverview Hotel with a view that the management and then staff exercised some kind of magic.

Gap Dashboard

Manytravelers whether visited America for pleasure or business are not pleased by the customer services provided in several hotels. The customer is financial stable and thus can afford to have the best in any city. The customer thus needs to demonstrate the status that he or she has achieved over time. Furthermore, when customer lacks such an experience fills unsatisfied in the heart. Therefore, the visitor needs extremely comfortable, beautiful and quality services those go beyond a five star expectations. The hotel should provide a surprisingly level of luxury.

Market Distribution

The target market for Riverview Hotel includes people at age of between 35-60 years, financially stable (with a net worth of over $1 million or income of over $100,000), feeling entitled to luxurious experiences and with believe that luxurious experiences are as worth as material wealth. The Riverview Hotel exhibits various ways to surprise the visitors with the high level of hotel luxury. The hotel goes past the common amenities of a five-star hotel title through indulge the stresses of the customer by the concierge services and anticipating the visitors’ expectations. The chief concern of the Riverview Hotel is to surprise the visitors with luxury services.

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Core strategy

The main strategy of the Riverview Hotel in marketing is to scheme both the unwavering and opulence dedication to surprise visitors with luxury services. Staffs are taught various ways of exciting and surprising visitors. Training of the staff is covered within the training section of marketing. New staff recruitment is based on the creativity as well as work experience. The hotel tents to maintain pricing levels even in economic stress. Customer reviews and rating as well as industrial reviews of the hotel are considered in determining performance of the hotel in realizing the anticipated goals.

Product/ Service Innovation

The Riverview Hotel seeks to satisfy people up the pyramid through providing services along their way.  The Riverview Hotel provides a guided implicit tour of the hotel to the targeted group. Those who visit the Riverview Hotel website or email to express interest, when appropriate, they are provided with small rooms at the lowest possible price so they may feel lesser commitment when they visit. Visitors are provided with multiple package deals such as one free night after every three nights of stay. Second time visitors are provided with access to the penthouse suite an option that is restricted first time visitors. Frequent visitors who participate in a focus group session are invited for a free weekend to discuss the hotel. Additionally, other services such as fitness center, indoor lap pool, bag service, wireless internet, restaurant and lounge are freely provided to all visitors. Services like business center and board and meeting rooms are available with reservation and additional fee.

Price rationale

Though Riverview Hotel provides extra services to the visitors, the prices are almost same as the five-star hotels. The prices range varies depending on the services the visitor needs as well as off-peak and peak times of the year. Though the prices are slightly high at Riverview Hotel, the services offered cannot be got anywhere else in America.

Social Media Plan

The Riverview Hotel has developed a blog (known as Surprising Luxury) that incorporates the periodic content elaborating the meaning of hospitality and luxury beyond the general ideas spread globally. The blog editor seeks out how other providers of the content cover luxury hotel services in order to develop most suitable content in the advert. The blog establishes a hotel reputation for the management as professionals on luxury services. Furthermore, the hotel makes daily updates in the email newsletter with information relevant to the blog.

Lead Conversion Plan

The Riverview Hotel cultivates provides a free virtual tour of the hotel to cultivate the prospects to have a visit of the hotel. The tour focuses on the beauty and quality of service offered to attract more customers to the hotel. In the introductory made during the tour, prospects are encouraged to visit the hotel’s website and email newsletters for further details concerning then hotel. Those who participated in the virtual tour are as well sent a mailed introductory offer discount every month of participation. 

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WOW process

In Riverview Hotel WOW process, customers are request to rate and name their server on the card of survey provided and drop it into a box as they departure. Though in rare cases, manager stops beside each table as customer finish eating to enquire about the experience and the meal. Management use the information provided to flag any unsatisfactory comments and review on how to deal the in long-term.  This helps then Riverview Hotel to ensure high class services are maintained by the servers. Moreover, kitchen staffs are provided with recipes for every meal. Kitchen staffs and servers with excellent results continuously are rewarded with month bonus and considerable promotion to motivate them to improve and maintain the standards. This helps to maintain image of the Riverview Hotel within the American society.

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