Approval of a New Wal-Mart Essay Sample

Approval of a New Wal-Mart

Due to outstanding community growth demonstrated in the area, there is a need to set up a mini Wal-Mart, which will improve the lives of the growing community and particularly the Antelope Valley College. There are many reasons as to why there is an urgent need to set up the Wal-Mart such as:

Easy Access of Goods

It has come to my attention that people around 30th West and Ave K. Lancaster are travelling unnecessary long distances to purchase basic goods. By setting a mini Wal-Mart around the area, the community will have easy access to the required goods without travelling long distances to purchase them (Malcolm, pg 45).

Availability of Land

There is a piece of dormant land, which is owned by Antelope Valley College, that can be of more use if we set up the Wal-Mart there, because the land is currently free. Our target will be for the college students and community people who travel a long distance to purchase goods closer to home. In addition to this, there is no competition in the area and so the Wal-Mart will bring more profit to our company. Again, the land itself is within the reach of our main target group, that is the students, and because of this, we can have a very strong collaboration with the college management to improve the living standards, not only for the students but also for the college as a whole by improving its face to a brighter one (Malcolm, pg 45).

Improving the Living Standard of the People

It is extremely hard for people living in the area to access the necessary goods without much struggle. This is mainly because the means of transport are not modern, and so many people tend to do away without necessities, some of which are essential in the lives of human beings. For example, some people cannot afford to travel to the main town to buy cooking oil since they feel it is a waste of their money especially on travelling. For this reason, they chose to take food, which is not healthy at all. Such kinds of people are the ones we are looking for to go at par with the profit we can make out of it (Malcolm, pg 47).


The land owned by Antelope Valley College lacks innovation leading to underdevelopment. The point here is that we can put that land into use and make it productive instead of being dormant without contribution to the economy. This land can lead to the growth of economy, because our companies desire to lead in the improvement of the economy (Malcolm, pg 47).


In this area, there are many people who are jobless, especially young people, and particularly the alumni of Antelope Valley College. This is an opportunity for them to get jobs after their college without going to the main town to seek for job. More business ideas come up, hence, there are more job opportunities (Malcolm, pg 48).

Decentralization of Resources

Many resources are allocated in the main town and this contributes so much to immigration from rural areas to towns, where there is easy access of goods and services. By allocating this mini Wal-Mart in the area, we will minimize immigration from rural area to towns (Malcolm, pg 49).

Growth of the Company

All the above will lead to the growth of the company. The main point here is that by delivering the goods and services to the people of 30 West, we will not only bring growth to the area, but also to our company, and many more other benefits, such as employment opportunities to boost the economy and develop the skills of people around.

I hope that you will approve on the new mini Wal-Mart wholeheartedly once you understand what we have to provide and gain. I look forward to having a meeting with the full Board of Directors to discuss this.

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