Problems of Modern Techniques of Communication Essay Sample

Problems of Modern Techniques of Communication


Communication is a vital tool within a business organization. The business needs  communicating important information to various stakeholders such as clients, employees, suppliers and company shareholders. In  business, communication is a two-way process, i.e. the feed forward and feedback. There are various communication channels that  business uses for communication. Communication can be oral or written. The communication channels include mails, video conferences, phone calls, letters and memos. Communication is crucial because it facilitates smooth running of the organization (Bisen & Priya, 2009). The purpose of communication in an organization is as follows:  passing instructions, image building and giving direction, evaluating activities, for training, achieving integration of roles and  informing. Existence of advanced technology has provided business with numerous improved communication techniques. The modern communication techniques are fast, reliable, cost effective and secure. Many businesses have evolved from paper work to paperless offices. Paperless offices have been achieved through embracing technology. Modern communication techniques have improved the way that businesses communicate. This technology has made communication easier and quicker. However, these modern techniques have their own set of problems. To highlight these problems, first it is essential to identify modern communication techniques used in business today. This essay will analyze in details the problems that are resultant of modern communication techniques.

Modern Business Communication Techniques

There are a number of business communication options that are available for business purposes. In cases where face-to-face communication cannot be achieved, modern techniques come in handy. The communication techniques include:


The electronic mail is one of the most popular and preferred methods of receiving and sending data. The wide preference of the use of e-mail is attributed to the fact that information is received quickly, secure, and it is cost effective. E-mails make it possible to share information over a geographically dispersed area with ease.

Video Conferencing

Video conferencing is probably the greatest revolution that business communication has experienced. Two parties that are in different locations can communicate with each other via a computer (Guffey & Loewy, 2010). This is enhanced by web-cams and microphones. The two parties can see each other as they share information. This technique is widely used where the parties that need to communicate are far away from each other.


In organizations, telephone communication is the most widely used communication channel. Businesses use telephones for both internal and external communication. It is a personalized form of communication between two parties. The inception of mobile phones transformed telephone communication. Mobile phones offer a cheap way to communicate. Many people have access to the gadget making it possible to communicate with others.

Text Messaging

The fact that a large percent of people have access to mobile phones makes text messages an important communication tool. Though not heavily relied on businesses, it offers an easy, quick and cost effective method of communication.

Social Media

A lot of businesses have realized the importance of communicating to clients via social media. Today millions of people are subscribed to one or other social media site. The most popular sites are Twitter, Facebook, Skype, LinkedIn and My Space among others. Businesses subscribe to these sites and interact with their clients by offering customer service. Social media communication is effective because  business can reach out to millions of clients without incurring huge costs.


These are Internet sites that  business employs to communicate its activities to clients and other stakeholders. Although this form of communication is one way, it ensures that clients are updated on ventures taken by business. Websites contain a description of the company, its goals, management, products and services offered history of the company and the company contacts.


Though the use of letters has drastically reduced, they are used in a number of firms. Advancement in technology is the reason for decreased use of numbers.

The Problems Encountered by Modern Techniques of Business Communication

It is evident that technologies which are used for communications have dynamically changed in terms of human connections. Technologies in communications like the use of mobile phones, Internet and applications in VoIP in order to make phone calls by the computer, have ushered all in the revolution of telecommunication (Schwartz, Bennett & Stein, 1996). Even if the human communication modes have stretched out, there has also been a negative effect on such technologies as far as their nature in communication itself being concerned, according to the Redoubt Reporter, an Arkansas newspaper.

In order to set up  more effective relationship in business, it is important to put into place communication practices that are valuable. However, in some working environment lack of effective communication may be experience. For, instance, a subordinate may fail to deliver an essential e-mail to the boss on the time agreed or perhaps a call may be missed causing an order; therefore, it is not successfully transported on time to the relevant authority. Thus, it should be noted that the chances of an organization productivity being pulled down is particularly high, especially when there is a minor or significant failure in the modes of communication. Hence, realizing such mistakes in the way of communication is some initiative in trying to work out the problem.

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Lower Efficiency

This is one of the factors that affect communication. When there is lack of adequate communication or communication is poor in writing or just verbally, then it can adversely hamper  organization’s efficiency. E-mail messages that are vague and need to be clarified, written documents that require to be repeated because of errors encountered and speeches as well as presentations that are acquainted, for example, can affect the way work that is flowing in the company to the highest degree. As a result, effective skills in communications are extremely critical in completing any given project either minor or main one. When numerous companies or employees from different departments build up as a team to finish a huge project, then the value of skills will improve exponentially in the departments. Consequently, failure to implement clear communication practices can lead to inefficiency and sluggishness in completion of projects in a company.

Morale by Employees

In any given working environment, effective communication and collaboration is of great significance because it may create and/or even promote productivity in the employees, inspiration and creativity. In other words, it is good communication skills in business which motivates people employed to work in this organization to work even better. However, if the ways in communications are actually poor, then the employees will simply run out of patience in doing their work caused by lack of interest in performing the assignments given to them. Besides, there will be questions to be reflected on regarding the value of such products. Another issue of concern is that, when the communication skills are poor in business, it will automatically undermine the confidence of the employees for the reason that they will be strained into presentations that are boring and dull in circumstances where they receive projects with instructions being not comprehensive, thus causing monotony and confusion.

Diminished Innovation

This is also another destructive factor in business progress. The company’s capacity and advancement in establishing constructive contributions in the society can be crippled in case if there are poor communication skills and/or the handling of crucial project is inappropriate. Usually, the ability to innovate, capacity to give directions in communications as well as communicating existing ideas being new are grades in the same level. The use of prolonged conversation through face to face and letters which was mostly used in the old good days has been displaced, however, by texting and chatting causing negative effects on technology. They include the following.

Effects on Interpersonal Communications

As realized in the modern society, interpersonal skills tend to be lacking whereby expressions of ideas and thoughts face to face is not done appropriately. The main reason behind performing such acts is due to high rates in texting frequencies and also chatting through implemented websites.

Effects Associated with Non-Verbal Communications

No verbal communications have also been found to be affected by technology.  Lack of effective interaction through face to face, the power of grasping in non verbal individuals has been reduced seriously.

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Networking Sites

Spending more time on the social networking sites, particularly by teenagers, has led to a gap between them and their parents. This is because they get to be closer to their online friends than their parents. Apart from that, since the parents are not up to date with technology and at the same time not familiar with communication styles of their children, some gap exists in the parties leading to parents not interacting efficiently by their children.

Social Interaction Reduction

It is evident that there have been a lot of changes in life as far as socialization among individuals is concerned. For instance, the frequency of people getting together and meeting has significantly reduced nowadays. Most of the time individuals have just bothered about themselves instead of making their social life to appear real.


Addiction of people to cell phones and Internet has become inevitable, consequently leading to psychological problems such as isolation and loneliness. It is because there is  limitation in the face-to-face interaction; more of their concentrations are put on mobile phones and Internet communications, thus interfering with their psychological problem when the practice is extended.

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Cruel Motives

At times, people have had the behavior of abusing social networks, communicating to unsuspecting groups of individuals as they pretend to be someone else. This practice has actually led to creating more harm than good. The positive aspects of technology have also helped to make improvements in the society.

Positive Effects of Technology

The Quality of Communication

In most cases actually, people have been spotted doing some task as they communicate at the same time; for example, communicating over the phone while typing and also checking for some information on Internet and cooking simultaneously. Unluckily, there is likelihood to come up with errors while multitasking if full attention in performing the tasks is not given to the expected standards.

Lowering the Level of Face-to-Face Interaction

It is through Internet that people all over the world are able to keep in touch. This could be through Face book, Twitter and use of ‘to go’. Communications through these channels have lowered the face-to-face interactions. Face–to-face interaction enables people communicating to look at each other perform nonverbal acts like frowning and even smiling. However, in technology, these sorts of nonverbal acts are not easily captured.

Social Isolation

People may feel that they are more isolated than connected. This is another side effect of the technology (Brounstein, Bell, Smith, & Isbell, 2010). In the study done in the year 1990s, results showed that the individuals who accessed Internet frequently felt that they were more isolated than even before. In 2002, however, another study related to the above investigation revealed that the use of Internet at first hand made people extroverts but for those who seem to be introverts consistently continued to feel that they were isolated even when time passed.

Global Business

E-commerce system has facilitated the purchase of available goods nearly from many focal points in the world. Once payment is made through accessing Internet, information and goods are delivered at the appropriate time. On the other hand, technology has also created negative effects on the businesses. Internet technology software such as  Skype has facilitated meeting to be held even if the members are absent leading to decreased personal aspects in business.

Morale of the Employees

Workplace with software installed simply implies that the employees are not trusted by the organization.


This refers to e-mail messages that are not wanted. Spam has negatively affected many businesses. Therefore, people dealing with spam should accurately check the messages diverted inappropriately as spam.

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Mortar and Brick

E-commerce has had negative mortar and brick stores in retail. There has been difficulty of smaller stores effectively to compete with Internet businesses and large retail stores (Schwartz, Bennett & Stein, 1996).

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