Communication Theories Essay Sample

Communication Theories

Good communication skills help us to communicate both verbally and no-verbally with other people. Interpersonal communication involves communication between different individuals. It can include one-to-one communication or when an individual communicates with a group of people.  Interpersonal communication has helped me to understand different methods that people use to communicate with each other. My overall skills in this form of communication have improved, as I have come to understand the manner in which people behave through interpersonal communication.

My spoken language skills have also become better through regular communication with other members of the society. Spoken language can only be ameliorated through regular communication with other people. Due to my social nature and interest in meeting new people, I have developed my spoken language skills, and this has helped me a lot in handling daily life challenges.

I possess outstanding listening skills, and this is why I am able to socialize and blend-in with other people easily. However, I am usually a calm and not very talkative person. This calmness enables me to listen to others keenly, and through this ability I have become a good listener. This has helped in harnessing my listening skills and improved my communication with others.

My relationship skills have been affected by different factors, for instance, I have problems relating with people around me, since I am from a different country. I sometimes find it hard to understand people clearly when we communicate. Despite the challenges that I face in relating to other people in the society, I have a very healthy relationship with my four kids. I communicate with different groups of people; some of these groups are from Iraq. The other group consists of people who are mainly from Turkey. The main challenge I experience when communicating with these groups of people is that they are both from different cultures. This poses a major challenge to the ease of communication between me and these groups.

I work as a teacher in a Turkish school. When I am teaching students in class, I manage to give instructions to the students while conducting classroom activities. I also get a chance to socialize and communicate with the kids and other people during the weekend (Cobley, 2006).

According to research, it is evident that there is a direct relationship between the communication skills possessed by a person and the community culture. Also, the religion can have effect on a person’s communication skills. This can be attributed to the fact that some religions and cultures only allow certain modes of communication between the different groups of people in the society.

The worldview possessed by an individual can also have a significant effect on personal communication. Also, it is evident that the level of education possessed by an individual can also have an impact on an individual’s communication skills. Educated individuals can easily socialize with and understand other people. An educated person can learn the cultures of other persons and communicate with them appropriately. The social organization can affect the ability of different groups in the society to communicate effectively. Social organization acts as a factor that can improve communication between various groups, it may also act as a hindrance to the effective intercourse (Cobley, 2006).

Communication can be through face to face or through gadgets that employ advanced technology in order to make intercourse possible for people in different parts of the world. In order to use technology to communicate, it is necessary for an individual to have the skills necessary when using the gadgets. For a person who will experience difficulties using the communication gadget, it will be hard to communicate effectively with other people through the use of technology. The politics in a society also affect the intercourse that may take place between different people in the community.

The law that exists within a nation also affects the communication between different groups. Laws that encourage interpersonal communication will improve the possibilities of socialization and conversation between people in the society. If there is conducive environment for people to socialize, it is possible that different communication skills will be evident in the society.

I am skilled in group communication; this has been largely due to the fact that I have had to associate with different cultural groups in my lifetime. Various cultures have helped me to possess strong communication skills. This has made me a unique individual in the society. I live in Iraq, although my native language is Turkish. The people living in Iraq are not familiar with the Turkish tradition. This is because the traditions observed in Turkey are completely different from those in Iraq. In the United States, I have two groups of families, for this reason I have to act differently whenever I meet with these families. I have to act in a manner that is culturally accepted in each group. The two groups have different traditions when it comes to aspects such as food, lifestyle, way that people talk to each other. As a result, I have possessed characteristics that define my methods of communication; for example, I do not use paralanguage which includes such things as the voice quality, tone, volume, speech-rate, pitch, laughing, and yawning when communicating with different groups (Cobley, 2006).

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I possess good skills in organizational communications. To my mind, I also own good personal attributes such as self-management. I have good technological skills which enable me to communicate effectively using technological devices. 

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