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Chapter 5

1. Closing case study one

Question one

Business to business (B2B) e-marketplace is an online platform, where buyers and suppliers meet to communicate, make business transactions and collaborate. Some companies, however, the large ones especially, do not rely on the generic B2B e-marketplaces; instead, they build their own. Volkswagen is a good example of such a company. It has its own B2B e-marketplace, namely (, in which its suppliers participate in (Haag, Maeve & Donald 153). Nearly all transactions are handled electronically and online via the

One of the positive outcomes of this approach by Volkswagen is that it is able to work more closely with its most trusted suppliers. The requirement that suppliers collaborate with Volkswagen engineers on new products designs ensures safety and security for all the company innovations. Again, through this site purchasing agents are able to get the necessary information without wasting time.

The disadvantage to Volkswagen of not using a generic B2B e-marketplace is that it could be missing out in the services of a new supplier entering the market, as the new supply will start advertising in the generic e-marketplace.  Further, Volkswagen would miss out on some demand aggregation by locking out other buyers.

Question three

Business with this vertical organization structure provides online access to the business either vertically up or down every segment of a particular industry. is vertical in that it is on for the company and its suppliers alone. Transactions using a vertical e-marketplace for the automobile industry go a long way in increasing operation efficiency and also decrease supply chain costs, as well as inventories and procurement cycle times.

In a horizontal organization, each level has access to every other level. It connects buyers and sellers across different industries, therefore allowing purchase of indirect products. Volkswagen’s e-marketplace is horizontal because it includes suppliers to MRO materials, which the company needs.

Combining horizontal and vertical structure is important as the company requires both MRO materials as well as direct materials. The disadvantage of combining the two is duplication of many processes, which though necessary, are not economically viable.

2. Closing case study two

Question one

Content editing Wikipedia is a collaborative effort of anyone with knowledge of editing a page. This open review mechanism is basic in maintaining reliability of the encyclopedia. The changes made on a page are then registered in a page history and all the recent changes are listed in a special page for that purpose.

Pornographic content on Wikipedia are designated using the ‘XXX’ symbol for users to be aware before proceeding with browsing.

Chapter 6

Closing case study one

Question one

A service-oriented architecture is basically a collection of services, which communicate with each other either simple data passing or coordinating an activity. International Truck is extended to interface with systems of 450 dealers, allowing the customers, in this case dealers, to access parts catalogue and sales tools. As discussed in chapter one earlier, there is a need to establish secure use of information technology as hackers are on the lookout to siphon off crucial information relevant to the company. SOA system should be considered at three levels: securing the components that make up the SOA system, consistently managing the identities of system users and securing the connections between these same components (

Question two

Service-oriented architecture is a very vital business intelligence tool. SOA is open and standard-based. It provides International Truck with flexibility needed to leverage its current IT infrastructure without having to duplicate functions like security or issues arising from propriety application servers. The company can run SOA-based software on the existing hardware, databases and application servers. It means that services can be easily located anywhere in the network. Finally, SOA defines services at the business level rather than at the application level, therefore traffic in networks is reduced and integration is simplified.

Closing case study two

Question one

Privacy laws and legislation like the Health Insurance Portability Accountability Act (HIPAA) of 1996 requires medical facilities to be stringent in ensuring confidentiality of the patient’s information. From the case study, Denver Health has made a tremendous effort in upholding the requirements of the act. The requirement for medical stuff to sign-on both upon arrival to work and on the computers in the patients’ rooms using smart cards ensures that only them can have access to the patients’ information. Nurses and doctors are prompted to insert smart cards and provide log-on name and password to reactivate sessions every time they enter the patient’s room. This way, no person can access computers in the patients’ rooms that had previously been logged in by medical staff. Patients’ rooms are mapped through Virtual Location Awareness (VLA), which just recognizes the room and pulls up the patient’s information to the doctor or nurse only when they have reactivated their sessions (Haag, Maeve & Donald 218).

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Question two

Information in the administration offices, faculties and departments ought to remain secure from any unauthorized access, as most of it is highly confidential. The ThinIdentity solution can be used in computers in such offices and also at the entrance to these buildings. In this case, all staff working in the offices would be required to bear a smart card and also have access to the computers as users. Another area where this technology would be vital is the examination departments, as examinations ought to remain confidential. Since students might need to have access to these offices for consultation purposes, ThinIdentity solution would be ideal instead of barring students from this area. Securing this department is not only important in maintaining the integrity of the school, but also in maintaining high standards of learning and competitiveness by the students.

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