Marketing Strategies Essay Sample

Marketing Strategies

The iPhone 6 are quality smartphones that are designed and also sold by Apple Incorporated. These high-tech devices are part and parcel of the iPhone series that was officially announced in September 2014. The phones have numerous features that serve as an advancement of their predecessors, namely iPhones 5s and 5c. The advanced features include larger displays of 5.5 and 4.7 inches, faster processors, Wi-Fi connectivity, improved cameras, and improved LTE, among others. Apple Inc. can increase the market share for iPhone 6 via customer relationship strengthening, innovation, acquiring competitors, hiring the best staff, and adoption of company culture that is customer-centered.

Innovation is one of the best techniques that Apple company can apply to sell more of its products on the market where the competition is on the increase. The manufacturer’s competitors, such as Samsung and Nokia, are working tirelessly to be the best on the smartphone market. Notably, iPhone 6 has newer and smarter features that can enable it to sell more. In fact, in twenty-four hours from the time it was launched on the 9th of September 2014, the pre-orders went beyond four million. The innovation in this phone is far beyond many others from the competitors (Moyer, 2015). The company now has a chance to stand at even better position to make more sales if the users are better informed. In particular, certain advanced features can create customer loyalty since the word of mouth and the social media are a great basis for clients to share their iPhone 6 experience with others who will automatically buy.

Apple Inc. can also increase its sales of this majestic phone through intensifying consumer relationship. The iPhone 6 can improve the customer relationship through the creation of slogans that make customers feel proud of using the product, for instance, “Kings use iPhone 6.” These slogans would make customers feel attached to the company product to the extent of remaining Apple clients even when competitors establish new hot products (Moyer, 2015). The company can also add one or several features that competitors may use to lure the customers into switching from using this smartphone. For example, increasing the battery life and thereby hours it takes to discharge would be a decent advantage.

The success of acquisition of a large market share is related to the quality of products that a company offers. It is for this reason that Apple needs to employ and retain the best staff, which will enhance the production and distribution of the highest quality of mobile phones. Having truly motivated workers minimizes employee turnover, that has adverse effects on the company life. It should adopt the 21st-century employees’ lifestyle, where motivation and other intangible benefits are a priority (Moyer, 2015).

Apple can also increase the sales for iPhone 6 by acquiring other smaller mobile phone companies. This move has two objectives: competitor reduction in the industry, as well as the acquisition of the customers that belonged to the acquired company. The move is possible when the company management is willing to do so. The iPhone manufacturer has enough capacity to perform such action, so it should make a move towards acquiring some firms from within the industry (Campbell, 2015). Shrewd executives are out to venture into this technique when the company is worldwide.

Marketing Plan for iPhone 6

Marketing Mix

Product. The iPhone 6 has a glass front and is curved around the ages of its display. It has an aluminum rear which has two thin plastic antenna strips. The product comes in a range of colors of gray, silver, and gold. The phone has 6.9mm thickness, and it’s the Apple’s thinnest phone. The power button is on the side for improved accessibility. It has a dual core, typhoon processor, and core motion processor. The LTE is advanced over the preceding iPhones; high speed downloads and rear-field specifications are also in the list of its benefits. Further, it uses the identical ratio aspect software.

Price. The iPhone 6 has a competitive price of three thousand and five hundred US dollars.

Promotion. The iPhone 6 is advertised through the Internet and the social media, television and billboards. It is marketed all over the world with high demand. The phone is packaged in beautiful and attractive boxes that make it appeal to the customers of all kinds.

Place. The iPhone 6 is sold through wholesalers and retailers all over the planet. There are numerous phone vendors that form part of the distribution channel.

Market analysis

The smartphone market price today has high competition. The consumer market has diverse customers, many being driven by the desire for style and prestige. It is this reason that Apple developed the iPhone 6 that is stylish and offers the customers a lifetime experience.

SWOT Analysis

Strengths. Apple company has some of the best employees who are innovative coming up with an excellent feature to beat competitors. The organization has sufficient resources to hire and retain experienced staff. It is a blue chip company.

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Weaknesses. The employees are human beings and can sell crucial company’s secrets.

Opportunities. The demand for smart phones is growing each day, and new markets are emerging in the developing nations. The product lifecycle for iPhone 6 is at the growth stage since the market is still expanding since the time it was introduced in 2014.

Threats. The company competitors such as Samsung are also coming up with wonderful technologies and capturing the large market by the day.

Competitor Analysis

The major competitors for iPhone 6 are Samsung and Nokia smartphones.

Critical Success Factors

The iPhone 6 is a quality phone with longer life battery and other amazing features like high-speed processing and downloads, as well as the unbeatable price of $350. It is 6.7mm thick making it portable. Overall, it is the smartphone with the best features in the market today.

Marketing Strategies

Competitive price and high quality resulting in a perfect balance for the customers.

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