Fashion and Design Essay Sample

Fashion and Design

The design sector is considered one of the creative industries in the UK that aims at accelerating its economic growth. Therefore, the design is vital in boosting the attractiveness of businesses and retailing more goods and services. In addition, the design can reach the bottom of the profitable potential of the United Kingdom’s research base by producing and explaining between bodies of information, communicating emergent issues and discovering marketable uses for them (Visocky et al. 2013). Design is also the trademark of an ingenious and socially established society. The current paper explores the following two fashion case studies from the United Kingdom: Sportax, the design company, which manufactures sports and fashion products and Addict Clothing that produces clothing for women and men.

In the last 16 years, there has been an endless desire for designers to prove to their clients that their commercial-oriented value is actually tangibly worth the cost. Such efforts have been motivated by numerous variables: the slump of the early 1990s called for the design to stake its assertion to straitened finances; beyond the line advertising reaches less and fewer individuals, as a result, companies are looking for further methods to achieve a return on advertising investment, and possible design is developing as the industry distinguishing itself and being acknowledged by users, as a viable tool, not just an exercise in remodelling (Stewart 2007). At present, additional areas of marketing communications operate on a stringently commercial root. More clients are asking challenging business-oriented questions of their design schemes, calculating along with evaluating as they go. A big number of designers are concerned with the enterprise objectives from the beginning, possibly ahead of the design brief nailing down. However, calculating return on investment (ROI) is considered to be a demanding task (Stewart 2007).

Sportax Company is situated in the city of Manchester in the United Kingdom. Sportax designs and manufactures sports and fashion merchandises. Additionally the company deals with international production and present design accoutrements for European merchants and global brands. The company majorly focuses on producing design that is unadulterated and ageless with a custom-made fit and with refined details. On the other hand, Addict Clothing is another United Kingdom based fashion company. The company specialises in men folk and lady’s attire, wash pants, masks and street wear. Improvements in technology have played a vital role in the growth of these companies. As a  result, they have been able to gain a lot of returns on their investments through the design.

Using a design increases enterprise’s performance. The investigation done by the Design Council established that over 33% of the United Kingdom’s fastest-growing trades view design as fundamental or important (Stewart, 2007). Businesses that underrate the significance of design may perhaps miss out on vital openings. Design can bring an assortment of business-oriented rewards if used methodically across any business. For Sportax Design Company, it has intensively used the art of design to improve its performance. Owing to fashion design, the company has come up with unique sports clothes and footwear selling them to the whole world. According to the report by UK Design Council (2010), design does much more than just making merchandises look pleasanter or work well, it increases the way in which an enterprise performs. Every single £1 spent on design grants an individual over £20 in augmented revenue (Heller et al. 2010).

Primarily, the operative use of design gives clients a reason for purchasing from you and not from your opponents (Heller et al. 2010). It is a beneficial method to obtain differentiation: any well-designed products or services will withstand the competition. For Sportax Clothing, the first and foremost imperative task is to make a difference in the design of their brand. Design correspondingly enhances value to goods and services (Heller et al. 2010). Clients are often ready to pay extra for well-designed merchandises that can offer them paybacks such as better usability, augmented functionality and enhanced aesthetics. Having dependable end user base is an asset in return on investment (ROI).

On top of enhancing the products and services the company sells, design could develop the way a business functions, the affordability of the raw materials it uses as well as the superiority of its packaging. Design can as well aid in cutting down manufacturing costs. Careful design of the manufacturing process, in particular, would bring large savings. Additionally, it may help make processes and the usage of materials more efficient and ecologically friendly, assisting big businesses to meet the terms of sustainability and legal guidelines (Turner 2013).

Furthermore, design can improve product development through finding out what the clients want as it is an important preliminary point in designing economical merchandises and services. The more a business person discovers about their clients’ first choices from market research and design-led user investigation, the more goods they are likely to design suitable for their clients (Waters 2003). Product improvement involves the following: carrying out consumer investigation, coming up with a perception for a fresh or reviewed product, sketching up an original design, finding the individuals, resources and methods required to create it, generating a trial product, carrying out user trials to assess the new item for consumption and finally making alterations after the user trials and settling on the last design.

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