Business Bluffing Essay Sample

Business Bluffing

People all around the world may display false confidence and attitude towards various aspects in an attempt to get attention from others. Individuals and companies may also do this to attract customers for their goods and services to increase their sales and service delivery. It is referred to as business bluffing and has become an issue of controversy. There are those who argue that bluffing in business is ethical while others disagree with the point. In the attempt to solve this problem, business bluffing is compared to a game that has a beginning and an ending reflecting the immorality of individuals; the more business men relate to it the more they tend to lose. This paper aims to give an overall review of the article Is Business Bluffing Ethical? Moreover, the paper will analyze the point of view of the article and the issues discussed.

The Overview of the Reading

The author of the article strongly disagrees with the point of bluffing in business claiming that this is considered not different from lying. Encouraging businesspeople to deceive makes them lie to the customers, which is completely unethical to the terms and conditions of business (Carr). The article suggests that the ethics involved in business operations is entirely different from the religion values since business ethics is more considered as game standard. Different companies and the people involved are interviewed by the author of the article to acquire various aspects of the issue at hand and multiple views and perspectives are given by the interviewed individuals.

The paper also reviews the pressure on businesses and businesspeople being forced to deceive the customers, the dealers of the products and the raw materials, and at times even the labor unions and the government in general (Carr). There are, however, some individuals whose conscious prevents them from bluffing due to their religious beliefs and personality. Therefore, in the attempt of bluffing, the article brings out that it takes a great call for the bluffer to consider different aspect and outcomes of their reactions. It is so as to make sure that the end results do not affect their reputation and conscious after that. The nature of a business is ideally learned from the comparison by the poker perspective and the rules involved. In both aspects, the winner, in the long run, is the person with steady skills and proper consideration of the rules (Carr). The article also gives account of the end goals for both aspects whereby individuals in business and the players in the poker game desire to win no matter what experiences come in their ways. The author of the article explains that business, however, is highly determined by the experience of the involved personnel, since just like in a game, if the player is not encountered in the same he or she will end up being disappointed by the outcome results.

Conclusion and Reaction towards the Reading of the Article

From the point of view of the article, I strongly agree with the author considering the issue of business bluffing. Bluffing in the outside world is unethical, and the fact that it can be introduced in a business operation even makes it worse. Honesty is the leading virtue for a successful outcome of any reaction and when applied to the firm, not only will it attract the customers but also retain them for long as the clients of the company. In the world’s view today, most people are, however, careless about the ethical issues in their business operations since most of them are only interested in making money in a hurry rather than the long term sense of it. They will, therefore, do whatever it takes to acquire as much as they can within the shortest period, and it is among the very reasons that make them apply bluffing in their business operations.

It is only fair and relevant for business people, regardless of their positions in the industry, to adhere and articulate ethics in their activities for the long-term success of the firm. In the sense of an individual and the game involved, an ethical person may always find it hard to adjust and cooperate with the requirements and the regulations of the business, especially if the terms are unethical. It becomes inappropriate to him or her when forced to perform obligations and duties of the company like raising an individual that certainly does not deserve it or firing an employee for no real reason. The extent of even lying to the customers about certain products is among the very factors that may make them uncomfortable and disturbed in their entire existence in the business.

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