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Bab Rizq Jameel


A. The Brand

Due to the high level of unemployment that is increasing at an alarming rate all over the world, there is a need for investors to employ the jobless and train them on self-employment. Bab Rizq Jameel is a Recruitment International Agency which was established back in the year 2003, based in Dubai, with headquarters in Saudi Arabia. It is an arm of Abdul Latif Jameel Community Initiatives (ALJCI), a diversified family business corporation. The organization is focused on eradicating unemployment reducing the level of poverty mainly in the MENAT region, which is made up of the Middle East, North Africa and Turkey (CJameel 2015). In order to reach it objectives, BRJ initiated the processes of executive search, selection and recruitment of specialized individuals and other managerial talent by providing recruitment services to the qualified clients all over the three regions.

The Middle East is one of the most growing populations in the world with a large percentage of young population. This trend has caused many changes in the employment sector, since the available opportunities have been available only to the half of the existing inhabitants for centuries, making unemployment a trending issue in the region (Linkedin 2016). A failure to ensure regional job opportunities in sufficient ways would cause poverty to creep in among the population within a decade. BRJ was established to target this population with the help of the slogan ‘gateway to prosperity’, which is a direct translation of the company’s name from Arabic.

B. The Trend

BRJ’s main aim was to reduce the rate of unemployment, which was on the rise among the local people, by providing job creation and reaching 600,000 job opportunities annually across the region. The organization conducted a research by reaching out to the people whereby it was found out that they were not looking for handouts, but for opportunities to work. The organization does not see these huge numbers as mere statistics, but rather as people possessing great hope and urge to make the most out of their lives. The MENAT region is composed of large population, and together with the existing rate of unemployment, it was a perfect target for the company, since it had to have the demand among the unemployed in order to be able to operate. Therefore, a regional organization decided to focus on diversifying from outside the Middle East to other regions with the same characteristics as MENAT.

C. The Context

The unemployment issue in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) has been linked to inappropriate activities of the youths who were not employed. Due to the lack of jobs, the unemployed have been forced to move away from their homes, most often illegally, with an aim of at least making a living (CJameel 2015). This is the main reason for conducting this study and establishing an explanation of how Bab Rizq Jameel achieved its main objective of eradicating unemployment in the region. Notably, the unemployed people have been suffering a lot in the mentioned region.

Insight and Strategic Thinking

Unemployment has been among the major issues that have contributed to the failure of economies for centuries. The situation has affected a lot of countries, especially the ones with large populations, due to the outnumbering of the available job opportunities by the population. The three regions targeted by BRJ are characterized by dense population, which has caused unemployment rate to rise. The jobless rate in Saudi Arabia is projected to possibly exceed 20% by 2030, according to Thompson Reuters Zawya (2015). The region can no longer rely on revenues from oil and public spending in the face of changing worldwide energy market.

 Unemployment has been an issue all over the world, but it has been identified to be increasing at an alarming rate mostly in the MENAT region. This trend has been connected to the high and growing population in the region over the past few years. Different sectors in various industries have been affected. According to CJameel (2015), due to the high level of unemployment, the Kingdom is forced to spend much of the available resources on trying to solve the issue neglecting other important matters in the economy. Generally, the unemployment trend has caused a significant shift of the governments’ focus leading to huge failures of other important departments in various countries.

The main goals of macroeconomic strategy include achieving a full level of employment over a given period of time. This is one of the major issues that Saudi Arabia is dealing with since the establishment of the organization in 2003. BRJ has sourced and placed over 500,000 job opportunities in the region, including trainings and education on different sectors in the market. The candidates have been introduced to executive and professional jobs, including technical vacancies in a number of industrial set ups all across the MENAT region as well as outside of it (Thompson Reuters Zawya 2015). In 2014, the organization provided over 75,000 opportunities within Saudi Arabia and over 56,000 in the rest of the countries in the region, including Egypt, Morocco and Turkey.

The company has been cooperating with the governments of the related countries by building relationships with them in order to diversify the market, so that individuals from one country would be allowed to work in other countries. They have been placed in the sectors they are specialized in or which they are trained to work in (Linkedin 2016). The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s market is a broad one concerning the services offered by BRJ, since most of unemployment cases are experienced in this region. KSA is categorized as a developing country, unlike other states that are considered developed, where employment is very low.

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Unemployment in these countries is visible only since it is a factor that can be determined easily given the number of the available job opportunities in comparison to the existing population without employment. An increasing number of crimes is associated with the idling of the individuals without employment, which makes them vulnerable and desperate for any recruitment and allowing the terrorists and the illegal groups to take advantage of the situation (CJameel 2015). This trend has been notable through the large number of terrorist activities experienced and traced back to this particular region. As a result, illegal activities and attacks have been extended to other regions in the world making other people from the region isolated due to the stereotypical behavior they have been associated with.

As a consequence of this trend, a number of various connections and opportunities from other regions has declined with time due to the situations experienced overtime. International trade, especially related to the sale of oil products, has been reduced with a lower margin leading to a failure in the region’s economy. International relations have also been affected as a result of the oil trade failure, since most of the countries are used to trading with KSA (Thompson Reuters Zawya 2015). As a result, it has been a great challenge for the region since most of its countries get their economic income from the oil sector, which is currently in a questionable situation in the global market. On the other hand, the trend has brought about the need to focus on the issues which have led to the establishment of such organizations as BRJ and other companies intended to improve the local economies.

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