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The Thorns and Roses of Love Essay Sample

The Thorns and Roses of Love

This is a story by Caleb Hoagland that describes how love relations are initiated and how eventually they end. The author describes the story of two people who fall in love and how they journey together in love until they lose it. The author tries to highlight the challenges that people who are in love face and how they can easily lose that love. He talks about how loss of trust and misunderstanding destroys love with time. He emphasizes that time can be the tool of destroying love. The main objective of the writer is to show to the reader how love grows, the ups and downs of love, and at the same time how love can be nurtured to keep its flame burning.

The author also shows the importance of love, the problems that eventually lead to relationships failing and how the relationship can be salvaged. The writer has used different rhetorical strategies. He describes in details the love story of the two characters, what they used to do together and uses narration to explain everything in details from how they met to how they fell apart. The writer has structured the love story in three parts and has used different tones in different paragraphs and diction to effectively pass his message to the reader. 

The main plot of the story is about the love relation between a man and a woman. The author describes how a man meets a woman and falls in love with her near his house. They exchange contacts and love flourishes until mistakes and challenged cropped up their relationships. Their love fades away.  The man is writing to the woman full of nostalgia of how things used to be until they lost their love. The theme of the story is about love. The story has been divided into three parts, describing how the love was ignited, how it was nurtured and how it was lost.         

The story is all about a love story between a man and a woman. It is about a letter that a man who is in love writes to his woman. The letter is full of the memories that they made together. The author of the story is precise in describing details about the love relation. He gives details about how they met near his house and how their love grew. The writer describes their moments together like the French toast they had for breakfast, the accident with the van carrying mentally-ill people (Hoagland). The writer creates a strong imagination for the reader.

The story is a direct message from a man who is in love to his woman. The story is not simply a narration of a love story to the reader rather it is about a man talking directly to his woman. This makes the reader feel like the main character of the story is talking directly to him or her. This makes the reader feels like is part of the story and can feel what the main character is experiencing. The man tells his woman that it is through “David Foster Wallace book” that has motivated him to write to her. The writer uses the widely known names of dishes to enable a better understanding of the story by the reader.

Hoagland has used informal and colloquial diction. This is seen when the main character uses words like “quack doctor” and “fucking pill heads” (Hoagland). The use of such words is justified by the fact that the man is writing an informal letter to his lover.

Hoagland has used the power of tone in describing the beginning of the love of the main character to his woman, the progression and the end. He has used different tones throughout the story to illuminate the changes that have occurred in the love relation with time. At the beginning, he has used a tone filled with hope, dreams and faith associated with falling in love. He used a romantic tone to describe how she “ran fingers through his hair” and “traced his tattoos with   her fingers”. All this tries to show how the sparkle of love is bright during the first days. As the story ends in the last paragraph, there is a change in the tone. The writer uses a cynical tone and states that no words can salvage their doomed relationship (Hoagland). This highlights the fact that the man has lost faith and hope in their love relation. This shows how people who were once in love have lost the love that they once cherished. The tone brings out the importance of love.

The author has used asterisks to divide the story of the two lovers into three parts. This has enabled the description of the love relation of the man and his woman into three parts: introduction, discussion and conclusion. All these three parts describe the beginning of their love, the challenges and the end of their love.  In the beginning of the story, the main character tries to show what the woman meant to him, he reminisces about their time together and clearly shows that truly they were in love. At the end, he uses of words like “anger and disappointments” (Hoagland). This marks the end of their love.

The author has shown how the man and his woman fell in love, and the challenges they faced until they lost their. He tries to show the loss that the author feels for his loss. Hoagland has managed to pass his goal to the reader effectively that love is something beautiful, the mistakes that people make and how they should nurture and protect it in order to last.        

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