Reflective Responses to Films Essay Sample

Reflective Responses to Films


Weight problems are sometimes associated with the food people eat or the genes of people. There are those who will gain weight because their families have history of chronic diseases such as diabetes that contribute to weight gain or obesity. Others will gain weight because they do not have proper nutritional system to guide them in what they choose to eat. Several reasons may contribute to people’s choice of poor nutrition such as poverty, availability of fresh healthy foods, religious and cultural practices. Nevertheless, people always have options on how to lose the weight, for example dieting or exercising.

The website presents a film about a woman struggling with her weight. Her weight was normal during her childhood until her puberty years when she grew bigger. Her attitude towards her weight was good except she did not have good self-esteem to keep her confident about herself. Her experiences were a bit traumatizing with friends and her mother always trying to get her to lose weight through dieting. For this reason, she lost confidence in herself and began hating her body and feeling bad about herself. Evidently, despite what her views were about her weight, she had to develop new ways to deal with her weight problem. Her behavior towards people’s criticism was to accept and embrace who she was because despite the many attempts to lose the weight, she did not succeed.

In my opinion, it takes courage for on one to accept and embrace her problem because only then can she know how to deal with it. I am impressed at how she decided to work on her self-esteem issues rather than concentrate on what she could not change, which was her weight and people’s opinions. Her decision to work on her self-esteem was to help her gain confidence in herself. This way, she would not have to worry about the negative response from people because she feels great and confident about her weight, knowing well that she is has not health issues.

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