Doubt in Seeking the Truth Essay Sample

Doubt in Seeking the Truth


Seeking the truth of a certain matter is always vital to any decision made by each and every one of us in the society. In seeking the truth, however, it is natural that you doubt the issue at least for once as a means towards gaining deeper understanding of issues. I, therefore, agree with Descartes quote that, “If you would be a real seeker after truth, it is necessary that at least once in your life you doubt, as far as possible, all things"?


  1. My initial point of view is that in seeking the truth, indeed you need to doubt. Unlike taking everything by the book, doubting allows a philosopher to question information, thereby gaining deeper understanding. However, doubting should only be limited to issues related to a person’s perception and not in empirical matters that can be proven scientifically. Doubting, for example, a mathematical principle like the sum of one added to one is two is not sensible. Descartes, in his philosophy suggests that we should doubt what can really be doubted and viewed in a different way (Hill, 16).
  2. I can define my view more clearly by referring to some real life experience situations. When a person listens to the speech of the president during a presidential campaign, some would rate it as inspiring while others doubt it and perceive the contrary. In such a case it is possible that the truth can be doubted if one person never had a chance to listen to the speech (Descartes, 30). Unless the person has a chance to listen to that speech, the truth as to those claims will remain doubtful, thereby instilling the urge to find and know the truth.
  3. An example of my point of view is related to an experience I had during summer. I happened to be in Philadelphia where I met Jane, a beautiful and loving girl, as she seemed. At first interaction I thought I had found the love of my life, but according to Descartes’ claim, things are not always the way they appear at first (Hill, 20). From the short spell I had with her I learned the truth about her which was contrary to what she claimed to be. She was the most arrogant and she was not worth to be with unless she changed. If I had rushed to taking the relationship to the next level, I would be regretting. I had no doubt about her from the first interaction and that is why my initial perception was based on irrational appearances instead of the truth.
  4. The origin of my view is from Descartes philosophical view. No matter how much a situation seems to be true, it is important to authenticate such truth as a precaution (Hill, 17).  This does not in any way exhibit fear or lack of faith in the person telling you the point. Sometimes we are tempted to act in good faith yet we have been misled a number of times. It is also based on the argument that sensory perceptions of different events differ in their nature and the personal views.
  5. My assumptions are based on the consideration of religion, contemporary life situations and moral consideration.  Religion demands that you tell the details of an issue as it is. No misleading information is expected. Moral obligation also expects the same to be done. In our contemporary life, however, people are in a number of situations confronted and end up giving wrong information. Based on this, it is necessary that I have reservation on any truth not until I have deliberated on the truth.
  6. Reasons, evidence and arguments that support my point of view are as follows. People give information for different needs and with different motives. Getting information from a rival in any competition should be doubted since he could be misleading in order to weaken the opponent. Apart from that, the information given could be insufficient and a thorough look at this is important to really know the core motivation of issuing the information. An auditor, for instance, will look into the main reason why the company decided to change from one accounting policy to another. He has to doubt the reasons forwarded as it could have been a leeway to conceal fraud or underperformance.
  7. Other points of view on this issue are owed to the fact that sensory perceptions cannot be used as a reliable source of information. A personal view of the situation cannot be taken to be the basis of a certain body of knowledge. The sensory view of things that are natural is depended on the personal perception and is different across individuals (Hill, 23).
  8. My conclusion, decision or prediction for my point of view is that we should doubt the truth that deserves to be doubted.  Issues that can be proved by mathematical and scientific principles do not need to be doubted. For example, it is impossible to doubt that one is seating while he is doing exactly the same. We can, however, doubt the size of the moon or the distance between planets. The existence of such external bodies is an issue that can be doubted. Therefore, in as much as seeking the truth involves doubting, we should determine what information to doubt so as to be relevant in that course.
  9. The consequences of my point of view are becoming relevant in line with seeking the truth; it enables me to seek the right information and save time. Understanding the nature of a certain belief or claims is the first stage of seeking the truth. As such, the point of view that I take simply helps in seeking the truth following the same procedure.


Truth seeking is driven by the doubt we have over the situations and information before us. It is for this reason that relevant events that require doubting need to be analyzed in order to come up with the relevant truth. In doing so, the doubts we have are clarified and the truth is implanted in to our nature.

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