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Usually, an essay of the personal variety is based on what one is thinking, his/her feelings, ideas and other things of a personal nature. In essence, it is a way of liberating one's thoughts or expressing oneself. This type of custom paper should always be written in the first person, meaning "I". Generally, such a work is based on some specific subject matter from the author's own point of view and it should offer real-life examples to support the topic. The aim is to allow the reader to learn about the writer's personality and capabilities so, in a sense, it can be seen as a form of interview. While it bears some similarities to other essay types, it usually needs to be comprised of around five full paragraphs and the use of the first person makes it distinguishable. A lot of students find this type of writing difficult, but writers can generally avoid different problems or find solutions to them, such as they may buy the essays they need from an online source at a reasonably cheap or affordable price.

In broad terms, whether you use professional writing services to buy affordable essay papers or write your own, an essay of the personal variety should be between 1 and 4 pages in length but it depends on who has asked for it and what their requirements are. If there are no restrictions on the length, you should keep it as short as possible and focus on a sufficient number of key points to clearly convey the idea. You should avoid repeating yourself in the body paragraphs.

A Word about Essay Style

In contrast to other written works, the writer doesn't have to be totally objective when creating a personal essay. Indeed, one of the trademarks of this type of work is that the writer relies on his or her own thoughts, opinions and ideas using phrases like "I personally feel" or "I believe" and he/she should use such words as "mine" and/or "my." Again, whether you write your own papers or use professional custom writing services, the writer may need to address direct questions, for example, "Tell me why??¦" or "Describe the place where??¦" Hence, it does not mean the writer lacks focus or direction if they are not fully objective.

Remember, you can always use professional writing services if you find this type of writing difficult.

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