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How to Write a Research Paper

To be fair, writing a research paper is not an easy task. Hence, research paper topics are the most common type of essays that lots of students have to write rather frequently. The most important needed steps to write a research paper are making a really great and deep research according to the topic and the area of the paper, identifying a strong and clear thesis statement and question, presenting an argument, etc. Besides this, it is also extremely important to include the proper citations into the paper.

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Research paper is an academic work that is why the process of writing a research paper requires a lot of knowledge, skills and, of course, experience. Here, we are giving you some useful tips for writing a research paper. In fact, the process of the writing a research paper is very important since it leads to the particular results. There are three main things that are extremely significant in writing any essay, and especially – in writing a research paper. They are paraphrase, citing sources and, surely, plagiarism.

In fact, a paraphrase is a very important aspect in writing any essay. There are some particular ways to paraphrase some information. For instance, one can simply put somebody’s thoughts, ideas, statistics, and researches and so on in his or her own words. Paraphrasing is not as easy as it may seem for the first glance; it requires a lot of skill and experience. Proper and paraphrasing can even be compared to art. Paraphrasing is mostly used when it is necessary to summarize an article, text, etc. In other words, it is used in order to avoid a great amount of quotations within a text. Paraphrasing, one should be very careful and attentive because it is not just stating something in other words, but it is summarizing the main idea or thought and analyzing it. Moreover, even paraphrased statements should be cited in the paper. It is extremely important, otherwise, there can be a lot of problems.

Talking about the citing sources, one should know that there exists a particular number of citation formats. They are, for instance, APA, MLA, Chicago, and Harvard and so on. Of course, each of the formats has its own rules, therefore they, surely, differ one from another. When quoting something, one should use the in-text citation, as well. In most formats, sources are cited within the text by including the last name of an author and the year or the page of the source in the parentheses.

Plagiarism is the phenomenon that must be avoided. Really, it is very serious and even is counted as a crime and can lead to a great amount of problems and extremely bad grades. Plagiarism is representing another person's ideas, words, thoughts etc. as your own. Certainly, an author should and even must avoid it because it can lead to a bad reputation of an author. There are a lot of ways to avoid plagiarism. The best way is to use your own thoughts and knowledge. One can plagiarize both by accident and on purpose. However, both situations are punished in the same way. There are no excuses for plagiarism.

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