Fair Use Policy

Being effectuated: August 28th, 2022

The Fair Use Policy (also read: the “Policy”) serves as a guarantee of all our customers´ rights protection as well as unravels transparency of our cooperation. It belongs to the section “Terms and Conditions” of Prime-Essay.org. There are certain provisions, which are essential to regulate the Policy in case any conflicts occur. Those stipulations help us scrutinize every customer´s request or a possible complaint in detail. The provisions would usually play a decisive role when there are certain inconsistencies between particular documents on the website and the Policy itself.

Read attentively through our Fair Use Policy to explore the fundamental guidelines of Prime-Essay.org to prevent any missteps or misusage.

How to Explicate Fair Use?

Experts of various disciplines joined forces to provide students and young professionals with substantial writing assistance and integral self-developing tips. Our major goal is to transform content-related challenges into insights. Besides being writing experts, our team consists of experienced tutors and even psychologists, as we did our best to find a perfect balance between high quality, flexible cooperation, and customer support. There are also helpful tools we make use of to help you improve your study strategies. With our amazing suggestions, you will soon discover new valuable approaches to your tasks to immerse in academia profoundly.

Whenever you have doubts regarding the research you have to carry out and its ensuing written result, addressing us means building relevant expertise in the required academic field. You will learn to handle scholarly documents and transform them into decent academic works (we will further call as “Papers”). Please note that every customized paper is deemed to serve only its primary purpose and is never shared with other parties. In our Policy, you can also read about the regulations regarding the originally composed Papers and their subsequent acceptable usage.

The mission of our writers lies in applying their knowledge in the given field to help students achieve their intellectual goals. Our specialists keep pace with all the updates of multi-faceted university programs. They often go beyond by exploring rare study materials within the requested field of study (when independent deeper investigations are allowed).

Please pay attention to the important regulation, which predetermines the usage of Papers obtained via Prime-Essay.org only for academic purposes, which were initially highlighted in your instructions. Every expert´s role revolves around the idea of setting an example of a seamless scholarly work within a specified topic. You can further use it as a sample essay to create other similar papers on your own.

Prime-Essay.org customized Papers reflect educational purposes, including:

  1. The elaboration of a concept, discussion of relevant ideas, comprehension of the subject matter, and exploration of a burning issue;
  2. Elucidation of the requirements connected with a task in question; provision of a sample draft of the assignment according to the instructions;
  3. Provision of useful suggestions on dealing with the assigned topics or research techniques;
  4. Composition of papers that serve multiple purposes, such as serving as a structural plan for further researches;
  5. Scrutiny and detailed explanation of relevant concepts and terms in the scope of the necessary investigation or an issue;
  6. Framing the gained knowledge of students by improving it and giving thought-provoking suggestions for further independent academic works;
  7. Coming up with the most topical material of the researched subject matter to be applied as references and footnotes.

Papers from Prime-Essay.org should be used in the ways that allow:

  1. Obtaining supplementary material to scrutinize the subject matter you are tasked to investigate;
  2. Grasping the full-fledged concept and employ it as a starting point to write original research papers without the necessary assistance;
  3. Questioning your comprehension of the topic and its focal points, and finding the right elements of avoiding mistakes;
  4. Learning the fundamental standpoints revealed by an expert and building your independent investigation based on the previously written task;
  5. Seeking unique ideas, expressing independent opinions, and generating strong arguments to write originally in the nearest academic-oriented future;
  6. Opposing the ideas in the customized Paper by expressing contradictory viewpoints;
  7. Making sure your research adheres to the standards of quoting, citing, and referencing the original authors.

Prime-Essay.org team creates various motivational factors for students aimed to maintain their educational integrity by complying with the primary instructions of their educational establishments and, in some cases, even state legislations.

Anti-Plagiarism Policy

Academia does not tolerate plagiarism, as the core purpose of any education is the expression of authentic opinions and scholarly research based on cited authorly sources. If you commit plagiarism, you violate academic ethics and standards.

At Prime-Essay.org, we are guardians of authenticity

Any of the written papers cannot be published in any scholarly journals and educational blogs. The paper should be turned in as a part of your discipline only once. The usage of the customized paper by third parties will be marked as plagiarism.

The Guarantees of Fair Data Usage

If you use our Papers, composed to serve as samples of academic works, then you are allowed only to process this information, without appropriating or rewriting it. It is forbidden to state your authorship or ownership of any of our samples. Even if you alter the sample, the plagiarized parts will still be tracked by advanced plagiarism checkers, such as TurnitIn.

Therefore, you must accept the fact that our Sample Papers are intended only as learning material in order to improve your academic achievements. Only Prime-Essay.org has the exceptional rights to share and amend Papers created by our experts.

By breaching the regulations asserted in our website´s Policy, you have to realize the scope of the negative consequences, especially when your educational authorities will be involved in your usage of the samples as appropriated works.

By disagreeing with the rules of our Policy or ignoring our regulations, we suggest that you do not start cooperation with Prime-Essay.org

Contact Us

We are open for handling academic-oriented requests of our existent and prospective customers. You can always place your educational request and make sure that we do our best to preserve academic integrity. A special department called Compliance Team controls every deviation from our Fair Policy regulations. Those experts are also in charge of anti-plagiarism measures.

If you are interested in placing an inquiry regarding our Fair Use Policy, its focal aspects, as well as violation outcomes, contact our Customer Care team via support@prime-essay.org at any convenient time!

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