Why Women Engaged in Sports are More Successful

The study of the Michigan State University’s Institute concludes that about 70% of children in the United States drop out of sports before they turn 13. This could particularly affect females because research proves that the girls who are involved in organized sports have more chances of receiving higher education, finding a well-paid job, or holding male-dominated positions.

EY research discovered that 94% of the senior businesswomen in the C-suite today have been engaged in sports, which implies an obvious relation between their achievements in sports and their achievements in business. Furthermore, EY conducted an extensive poll of 400 women, which indicates that 75% of respondents admitted that their athletic experience positively impacts the decision to hire them.

I am reminiscing about my own experience being a young athlete, in particular, the role my parents played. Being a versatile athlete, I was involved in basketball, softball, tennis, and golf. In the long run, I committed myself to playing basketball in college at Purdue, quitting the other three sports. However, my parents never pressured me to pursue one sport. It was my obligation as a scholarship athlete.

I am deeply indebted to my parents, who showed up to every game and offered constant support. It meant the world to me because they truly cared about my passion. My father was especially empowering. We used to discuss my performance after a game and the ways I could refine my techniques. Furthermore, he used to practice with me in our backyard so that I could learn from my mistakes, but he never lectured me on my failures.

I believe that my parents’ immense enthusiasm, support, and belief in me motivated me to reach new heights. Their attitude has never been judgmental or rigorous, and apart from my pure interest in basketball and tenacity, it is the major reason for my athletic and professional success.

I am not the only one who ascribes his/her career success to the experience of being an athlete. Claire Shipman, TV journalist and co-author of The Confidence Code, states that females involved in sports have a clear understanding of winning and losing. Something happens when girls play sports; it teaches them to intently compete and overcome obstacles, which builds a strong character and boost confidence. It is an extremely beneficial experience that helps to establish themselves as businesswomen and leaders.

These very postulates I encountered when I was playing basketball. Furthermore, due to the genuine support of my parents, I’ve experienced success that I incorporated in other aspects of my life, including my career.

There is definitely a correlation between sports and females’ career success. So, I urge all parents to encourage your daughters to pursue sports as they can make a difference in their lives. Let them get experience that will shape them and help them pave their way to further success.

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