Using Idioms in Writing

Using Idioms in Writing

I think everyone, who writes stories, sometimes uses idioms. An idiom is a set phrase or sometimes a sentence that has a specific meaning and is present in every language.

As for me, I always use idioms, but I always consider whether they are suitable for the context. In my article, I want to show you positive and negative sides of idioms. I think this information will help you to write better.

In order to confirm my thoughts, let’s observe some commonly used idioms.

  • As strong as an ox implies a strong person.
  • Hold your horses – wait, don’t hurry.
  • As cool as a cucumber implies a very cool person.

These idioms can be used to make your text intelligible. Readers quickly understand what you want to say. They make images in their mind, - “As strong as an ox.” They give a humorous shadow to the text, - “As Cool As A Cucumber.” Such a type of text is easily for writing.

Unfortunately, idioms have got negative traits. It may happen that a person doesn’t know the meaning of a certain idiom. On the other hand, for some people, it will seem not creative and not worth paying attention to. Your work can be considered as archaic because some idioms are not interested in at this time. Sometimes, idioms using to describe something or somebody are not enough for understanding. Idioms are very difficult to translate because the meaning can be lost or interpreted wrongly.

The Best Writing Tips

Considering all the pluses and minuses, you do think how to write well. The first rule is that you should make your work unique.

Some idioms can become your enemies; thus, it is better to avoid them, especially, those idioms that people use very often or “needless to say”.

Remember that the readers don’t know you and can’t read your minds. They can interpret your phrases differently and not in such a way as you expect.

Sometimes, it will be better to write a clear explanation instead of using idioms.

When you make up a dialog, you should use commonly known idioms, but don’t be too diligent. A neat idiom can alive your texts, but think carefully before use them.

I hope my observations will be useful for your work and you will lear a little bit how to write better.

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