Tips for Dating in College

Tips for Dating in College

St. Valentine’s Day is coming soon and the signs of the holiday are everywhere. The streets and buildings are decorated with red hearts, cute cupids, and white angels. Jewelry commercials, delicious chocolates and St. Valentine’s cards are everywhere. With all this love in the air, it is hard to stay indifferent to the holiday, no matter whether you are in a relationship or single. Considering the fact that many of our readers are college students, we prepared tips that will help them to build a healthy and romantic relationship in college. Use our pieces of advice and never feel lonely on St. Valentine’s Day.

Do not Create a Relationship out of Nothing

Unfortunately, such a situation happens quite often to college students. Young people who consider each other attractive find themselves in a situation that results in a certain hook-up. The next day, they are simply forced to name it a relationship. It is probably because they feel guilty for having an emotional contact or mistakenly perceive such satiation as ‘love at first sight.’ Although it looks great in movies, relationships that start like this often fail right away.

Do not Trust a New Person too Easily

You may be really attracted by a boy or a girl living a next door, but indeed, he/she may turn out to be a maniac. In college, you are surrounded by the people whom you do not know well. So, you cannot simply hope that they are good personalities. Thus, it is strongly advisable to get to know this cute neighbor well before opening your heart to him/her.

Do not Compare

It is totally normal to tell each other about your exes, but be careful when comparing your current partner to the ex. This often ends up in making the partner jealous or annoyed, which later ruins the relationship.

Keep it Private

You may have an overwhelming desire to tell your friends about your current partner and share secrets that were between you two until this moment. Be careful! There are people who may use this information against you and your partner.

Do not Base Your Opinion on the First Impression Only

Although the first impression may be really strong, remember that the things may change every moment. If your partner keeps disappointing you, it is not worth to save the relationship just because of the first positive impression about the person.

Diversify Your Experiences

Fill in your relationship with romantic dates, pleasant presents, and unexpected moments. This will help you to experience a great variety of new feelings when being in a relationship.

A good partner is hard to find, but it is even harder to build strong romantic relationship in college. Use these tips and enjoy harmonious relationship with your loved one.

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